Nothing is perfect reverentially, it needs ‘QA & Testing’ to become one.

It is easy to curse and criticise a website that hangs or an app that lags. But it isn’t easy at all to make such a marvel. Reach nearer to perfection by making applications that redefine precision with eGlobal. The QA/testing methods adopted by eGlobal are reliable enough for you to count on because of:

  • Quality Deliverables
  • 100% Transparency
  • Skilled Team
  • Flexible Engagement Models

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eGlobal: Driving You towards Perfection with Passion

There are millions of IT solutions, websites and apps that merely exist in some computers. And it is a well-known fact that only a few are famous and extensive used as they are user friendly and more consistent. Conquer consistency and make your applications glitch free with eGlobal India. We offer expertise in:

Test Management

eGlobal offers observant software QA/testing management services that help in selecting the latest tools and technology that can be utilized to be the best in the industry.

  • AI & Machine Learning based QA
  • Continuous Testing
  • API Testing
  • Big Data Testing
  • Automation Testing

Targeted Testing

If you know your product you can tell us, what needs to be tested:

  • Functional& Performance Testing
  • Regression & Configuration Testing
  • Isolation & Browser Testing
  • Local Security & Database Testing

Advanced Testing

If you aim perfection and precision to an altogether different level, opt for eGlobal advances testing processes:

  • Data reposition testing
  • Extensive IoT based testing
  • Predictive Analytics based QA
  • Lean IT Transformation

Project Discovery & Planning

We help you define the project strategies and wireframes to get a clear picture about requirements and prepare the required documentation to ensure whether, you are approaching towards the right issues or not.

  • Project Cost Estimation
  • Peer/Competitor Reviews
  • Auditing and documentation
  • S.W.O.T. Assessments


We deliver custom Web Application Development Services for Startups, SMBs and Agencies since 2004.

Established Clients Owning Efficient Products

  • Consolidated QA/testing and maintenance packages
  • Iterative Advanced testing options
  • Hire expert testers for all purposed
  • Capacity to rapidly grow the web app development teams

Under Transition Clients

  • Best to choose test management plans
  • Hire as you can utilise them
  • Suggestive Testing Models for further development
  • Smooth demonstration and delivery processes with after delivery support

Clients with Budding Concepts & Applications

  • Experienced testing consultation packages
  • Full time support for dynamic requirements
  • Targeted functionality redesigning
  • Component testing


eGlobal has a numerous reasons why you should entrust us for refining of your products sighting our past work and experience in software testing. eGlobal has earned a number of reasons with its work for you to hire us:

Fine Glitch Free Software & thus Satisfied Clients

After receiving something that is not up to the mark and transforming it into a masterpiece has brought accolades to the name of eGlobal in the industry over the years.

Because Testing Should Cost Less than the Development

We provide testing solutions for your precious software at the best possible price with a guarantee.

Quick Delivery & Launch

eGlobal has been known for their swift delivery of projects due to dynamic developer team sizes as per the need. We promise to deliver what we promise before the deadline.

No demands. Only the Developed Product

Initially, we promise to not ask you for anything but only the software that we need to test to assure its quality.

Freedom of Hiring

As per your need and work flow, you can hire us the way you can utilise our services the best

Periodic Reporting and Feedback

eGlobal believes in a transparent relationship with clients. They can evaluate the progress of work, and provide their valuable feedback on a regular basis.

No Infrastructure Required

We are well equipped with all the state-of-art infrastructures to handle any kind of development challenges, hence, you don’t require any infrastructure support on your own.

Flexible Engagement Models

We follow Agile methodology and offer flexible engagement models as per your project needs so that you end up paying less for more.

Periodic Reporting and Feedback

eGlobal believes in a transparent relationship with clients. They can evaluate the progress of work, and provide their valuable feedback on a regular basis.

SOFTWARE QA & TESTING Development Work Samples

Here are some projects that are completed by our dedicated SOFTWARE QA & TESTING developers.