Best Practices of WebRTC Development

WebRTC Development

Introduction If you want your browser to communicate with each other, then it may require any plugin or intermediary platform to go through first. Although there are different plugins are available for different functionalities it becomes very frustrating to install and set it up. To avoid this problem, WebRTC is developed. It makes the communication process very much easier and simple. In this article, we are going to what is WebRTc and its best practices. What is WebRTC? WebRTC is...

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WebRTC based Mobile Communication App development Benefits

web rtc app development india

WebRTC stands for web real time communication is an open source technology which facilitates users with real time mobile and browser based applications. This technology contains a number of communication protocols and programming interfaces providing functionalities such as file transfer, desktop sharing, chat, video conferring etc to mobile applications. WebRTC was introduced by Google in the year 2011. The benefits of WebRTC based mobile communication development are mentioned below: It’s Free The application programming interface introduced by Google is free...

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