WebRTC based Mobile Communication App development Benefits

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WebRTC stands for web real time communication is an open source technology which facilitates users with real time mobile and browser based applications. This technology contains a number of communication protocols and programming interfaces providing functionalities such as file transfer, desktop sharing, chat, video conferring etc to mobile applications. WebRTC was introduced by Google in the year 2011.

The benefits of WebRTC based mobile communication development are mentioned below:

It’s Free

The application programming interface introduced by Google is free and open source making it easily accessible for developers all around the globe. This interface is well-equipped with a standard based real time media engine which can be accessed through all browsers. Web RTC can run without any external plug-in or support and enables external agents to log in through remote access.

Device and platform independent

The Web RTC technology is web-based making it easy to use and program by the developers. With the help of this technology users are able to take part in real time video and voice communications over the internet. The communications carried out by Web RTC are proficient and seamless.

Advance video and voice quality

The advance video and voice quality supported by the Web RTC based applications make this development technology highly recommended for users nowadays. The world is evolving into a global village and transference of data and information through communication is common. The Opus codec technology is utilized by the Web RTC products and a high voice quality is ensured dir to it.

Secure Audio and Video

The Web RTC system is well-equipped with voice-on and video encryption making it a safe and secure choice for carrying out important business communications. The encryption is done with the help of the SRTP (Secure RTP) protocol and helps you keep your communications private especially over Wi-Fi networks. It also prevents eavesdropping and recording of the audio and video conversations.

Reliable session establishment

The applications developed using Web RTC technology is known for successfully establishing connections which are reliable and strong.  Due to the high reliability factor the resulting connections have less latency and enhanced quality. The server load is also minimized making tour communications well-established and seamless.

Multiple media streams

The Web RTC mobile communication development technology helps the users to adjust to changing networks and other related conditions. These applications are designed to respond to factors such as bandwidth availability, avoiding congestion and maintaining the quality of the communications being carried out. This is done by utilizing the RTP control protocol and SAVPF. The browser is responsible for sending browser condition information as well as analyzes and responds those these changing conditions accordingly.

Adaptive to networks

The WEB RTC based communication systems are intelligent and can support various media types and endpoints successfully due to which the bandwidth is efficiently utilized.

Rapid application development

The standardized API used in the WebRTC mobile app development procedure helps the developers in carrying out their tasks in a timely and quick manner.

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