Registration & Login Test Cases For eCommerce Website

Ecommerce Website

When testing an application, you need to write test cases for the tester. Now, writing the test cases requires a lot of experience and somebody that has a keen eye for details. As an app tester, you need to focus on developing sets of conditions or variables that will help them determine if the application meets customer requirements and functions correctly. This article will explore helping you write a login page eCommerce test case. What is a login page? The...

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Marketplace Web Development Frameworks

Marketplace Web Development

Are you used to seeing online stores? You will agree with me if I say that e-commerce is trending these days and is important for businesses. Nowadays, no matter how incredible products or services your business offers, if it is not on the web, then you are suffering from a great loss. We have more than a few reasons to consider e-commerce development. However, today we will be focusing on how technology is intertwined with the marketplace. There is always...

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E-commerce Website Development Cost in India

E-commerce Website Development Cost

Introduction Because developing an eCommerce portal entails numerous technicalities and complexities, determining the actual price of eCommerce web development is difficult for a layperson. This is where it becomes critical to comprehend all of the factors that go into calculating the price of creating an eCommerce site. So, let’s delve a little further into this subject to determine the exact cost of an eCommerce website in India. One thing is certain: the cost of website development varies greatly. Please remember...

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Serverless versus Micro-services

Serverless vs Micro-services

Foreword Both serverless and micro services were developed to rule out a few problems in the technical world and they both act as web services. Still, they are two different concepts. As we all know, serverless and micro services are technologies used to enhance the experience of using cloud computing applications. Cloud computing applications are the ones that run on cloud that is, on internet or any machine. Servers are the computer programs and set of instructions that are used...

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Design Strategies for Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Website

In this Article we are going to focus on Design strategies for eCommerce websites! Are you an e-commerce website owner or a designer and looking for ways to enhance your website? Or are you a customer trying to figure out what makes for a good e-commerce website and what is the basis to judge which website should be your favorite. You are at the right place. Here we are going to discuss some design strategies that make an e-commerce website...

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How to Create an Auto Parts Ecommerce Store

Auto Parts Ecommerce Store

Did you know, Setting up an online store has helped every business gain 20% of hype in their sale and has reduced the marketing expenses? Well, the competition is also raising high with this. Online store for selling auto parts has less competition when compared to other products. So, if you are planning to take your auto parts store online, this is high time to start.  Here we have the listed down things you must know to develop an online...

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Functional Requirements for eCommerce Websites


According to you what makes an eCommerce website stand out? It’s the idea? Or its interface? If you ask us, the answer is, it’s functional and non-functional requirements.  In this article, we are going to focus on the functional requirements of an eCommerce website. They refer to the functions a website could offer or perform for example, comprehensive but unique interface, platform-independent (so that it runs on all devices), email newsletter tools (to inform customers as soon as any new...

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ecommerce website

Present-day e-commerce stores need a full-featured set of elements to provide customers with the best viable shopping episode. The traditional e-commerce construction tightly couples all these amnesties into a single system. Merging all parts of the e-commerce system into a single manifesto like this limits what you are able to make off from each service. It is also laborious to measure. Flexible e-commerce divides the posterior elements into independent modules. Each is in charge of a single service. Breaking each...

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Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website Cost

Multi-vendor eCommerce Website Cost

An Online business stage that helps outsider dealers to sell in a solitary spot is known as a multi-vendor website. It allows to engage numerous merchants to sell from a solitary retail façade. It gives a gigantic base of clients to various internet-based merchants. The multi-merchant web-based business website is becoming famous. According to a review, around 21% of web-based business organizations have changed to a multi-vendor website. While building a multi-vendor e-commerce website, a few things need to consider....

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Which B2B Marketplace Model is Right for Your Business?

B2B marketplace business model

Modern B2B enterprises demand e-commerce technology that can accommodate the unique requirements and complexity of conventional B2B operations and consumer preferences. B2B organizations are continuously seeking new methods to compete as the B2B market evolves. That is why an increasing number of B2B organizations are adopting marketplace-focused business models, either as a complement to their existing e-commerce strategy or as a method of entering a new market. B2B marketplaces enable firms to scale their go-to-market activities, diversify their product portfolios,...

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