Design Strategies for Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Website

In this Article we are going to focus on Design strategies for eCommerce websites! Are you an e-commerce website owner or a designer and looking for ways to enhance your website? Or are you a customer trying to figure out what makes for a good e-commerce website and what is the basis to judge which website should be your favorite. You are at the right place. Here we are going to discuss some design strategies that make an e-commerce website Stand out and make its interactions with its customers easy.

It is a proven fact that the websites with easier use and friendly environment are more famous and gain more customers. So making your website more friendly to use and always making them want more is the only way to increase your popularity and your customers.

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Here are some ways to do that:

Showcase items on the home page:

 The first thing people see when they open your website is the home page, do make this fact your best conversion option This also shows the customer to start shopping from the home page itself.


Suggestions are a great way to understand your customers. There are three main categories of customers. The kind that knows exactly what they are looking for, the kind that has an idea of what they want but wants to browse around, the kind that has no idea but wants to figure it out while browsing through your website. Your suggestion bar is going to make the customer feel seen and understand. 

Search bar:

This is the right tool for the category of shoppers that know exactly what they are looking for. Also making the search bar available always on the website will give the customers a way to navigate better.

Easy layout:

Do not make the website hard to understand and navigate. It is proven that customers log out of the websites in the first 3 minutes that they open them because of bad navigation and confusion. Make your website friendly to use and have a designated place for everything. There is nothing wrong with trying something new from the other websites but the change is not supposed to drive customers away.

Play with the Colours:

Colour says a personality and making your website with specific colors that give it a personality is a great way to connect to the customers. Experiment with the colors of your design and see the way it changes your website.

High-quality photography:

 Prefer high-quality photos of your products. Make your website a visual aid and make people wanna come back to the website just for the views. Unlike normal shopping, the customer cannot see the product directly. So give them the nearest to reality and also pleasing visual.

Make the purchase quick:

Make the purchase of the product easy and quick. Do not lose your customers by making the payment or the purchasing part of the website long. Make it snappy, quick, and easy to learn and memorize people know exactly what should expect.

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Mobile apps:

Understand that the most majority of customers use mobiles and are most likely to look at your website on a mobile. Think of them and make a mobile app for people.

Readable content:

Do not include giant blocks of information. Make all the content short and snappy that wouldn’t make it a hassle to read and understand them. Add small pieces of content in the right places and use target words that would best describe the product or anything you wanna convey.


Make a list of faqs for the products that will clear all the unanswered questions that your customers have regarding a product and clear all the queries they may have.

Social interactions:

Allow your customers to interact with the product and give them product reviews. This will ensure that the customers will feel comfortable interacting and coming to the website more often and also makes other customers see their reviews and make a clear decision about buying products.

Brand yourself:

Brand yourself consistently throughout the shopping experience. Make your logo visible and make yourself visible. The customers shouldn’t forget which site they are on. The site should imprint in their mind.

A wish list:

 Never have the cart empty they say. Always give your customers more options to store and save things for later and future purchases. This works out two ways- it allows customers to save products not only in their cart but someplace else that they don’t feel the pressure to buy them but also gives them a chance to come to the website and add things to their wish list even when they have nothing to buy. It increases engagement.

These were some ways you can improve your e-commerce website and make it friendly to use and attract more customers with it. Shopping on e-commerce sites is a very new trend that the other generations are not used to. So make your website friendly to use to all age groups and kinds of people to attract more customers. And the website is the first part of their shopping experience, the rest of everything else comes later but the website design attracts customers and keeps them long enough for them as the site.

Hope you got design strategies for ecommerce websites! Are you planning to hire Indian developer to develop an ecommerce website for your business? contact us today & get free quotation.