Why Node.js is Popular among Web Developers?

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Node.js is free server environment which runs successfully on various platforms such as windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. It is an open source development platform which utilizes JavaScript language on server side. Node.js is preferred by developers as compared to other web development environments due to the fact that it comprises of the innovative push technology. This environment enables the web applications to carry out two way communication between the server and the client and help them exchange real time...

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Angular.js Frontend Development Advantages and Disadvantages


With the passage of time web based applications are becoming more dynamic and interactive with intuitive designs and high user engagement. In order to design such applications Angular.js is widely used nowadays. Angular.Js is a structural framework designed by Google which enables the developers to steretch the syntax of HTML and presents various components of a web application clearly and precisely. The modern day developers are adopting Angular .Js widely due to its developer friendly features. Some of the popular...

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