Why Node.js is Popular among Web Developers?

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Node.js is free server environment which runs successfully on various platforms such as windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. It is an open source development platform which utilizes JavaScript language on server side. Node.js is preferred by developers as compared to other web development environments due to the fact that it comprises of the innovative push technology.

This environment enables the web applications to carry out two way communication between the server and the client and help them exchange real time data. The reason why developers prefer using Node Js nowadays are listed below:

Node.js uses JavaScript

The most obvious reason which makes Node.js extremely popular among web developers is that it uses JavaScript as its main language. With the introduction of this development environment developers have been introduced to a revolutionary world of making web applications and coding on server end.

JS is a language which is used by almost every developer at any point in their career which makes it extremely easy for them to switch from JS to Node JS. It is said that JS runs the world as its widely used in all type of applications.

Fast and Efficient

The environment of NodeJs development has been powered by V8 which is a product of Google. JavaScript can be compiled and executed using V8 at a very fast speed due to the fact that a native machine code is used in the process.

Also a single event loop handles all the I/O operations making the performance great. Others functionalities which are handled very efficiently with the help of Node Js include reading/writing file systems, asynchronous actions, handling bulk connections, network connections, database interactions and several others.


The Node.js has been built using a basic event-driven design which means that all the functionalities carried out in this environment are executed as asynchronous callback events. Due to this a single thread is required to run al the functionalities  unlike other web based applications in which a separate thread is required for each event. This fact makes this programming environment extremely lightweight and also provides programmers with the non-blocking I/O feature of Node JS.

Single language for multiple layers

Another huge benefit of Node Js for developers is its coding language reuse. In all the web-based application development procedures two languages are required that is one of server end and another for client end. But in case of Node Js both sides use JavaScript. All the layers are connected using a single language and the code can also be used again and again in future.

Easy Hosting

The Node.js environment can be hosted anywhere. Also a variety of cloud based web servers and hosting services providers which support Node Js applications such as Google, Amazon, Azure, etc.

Easy modification and maintenance

Node.js is also very favorable for web developers in order to build new services as in this case a number of small applications are built instead of a single large one. This makes it easier to modify and maintain these small units making it developer friendly.

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