Angular.js Frontend Development Advantages and Disadvantages


With the passage of time web based applications are becoming more dynamic and interactive with intuitive designs and high user engagement. In order to design such applications Angular.js is widely used nowadays.

Angular.Js is a structural framework designed by Google which enables the developers to steretch the syntax of HTML and presents various components of a web application clearly and precisely. The modern day developers are adopting Angular .Js widely due to its developer friendly features.

Some of the popular apps which utilize Angular.js include YouTube, LinkedIn,, GoodFilms, JetBlue,, etc.

Advantages of Angular.js

This framework offers developers with a wide range of benefits. Few of the advantages of Angular .js framework are listed below:

  • Product of Google

Angular .js has been developed by the exert developers of Google which implies that there is a huge community of developers who can help you counter any issues or concerns while using this framework. It also makes it easier to learn for newbie’s as a wide range of guides and tutorials are available.

  • MVC

Most frameworks have split up MVCs which require extra time to integrate but in case of Angular .js these different components are integrated together automatically reducing time and cost.

  • Intuitive

The web applications developed using Angular .js have an intuitive and dynamic design as it utilizes HTML as a declarative language making it suitable for enhanced web designing.

  • Comprehensive

The front end developers working with Angular JS framework do not require any additional plug-ins to include additional features. This is due to the fact that this framework is comprised of a vast range of amazing features such as data building, restful actions, enterprise level testing, dependency injection, etc.

  • Unit Testing Ready

One of the most amazing features of this framework is that it is ready for unit testing making it easier for developers to identify bugs and issues while development phase. This result in a bug free web based application and reduces cost and time for quality assurance procedure as well.

Disadvantages of Angular.js

Every platform has drawbacks as well. Some of the lagging features of Angular JS framework are mentioned below:

  • Confusion

While development with Angular JS, the developers come across various different ways to perform a functionality which can result in confusion. The developers may waste time wondering that which method is better to perform the particular task. So it’s necessary to develop deep understanding of this framework before using it.

  • Lagging UI

The UI of the web based applications using Angular JS can lag sometimes if there are more than 2000 watchers active on a particular page simultaneously. The complexity of the forms used in this framework is limited to big data grids and lists only and it can work fine with small grids so this drawback is effective only when your web applications supports huge data.

  • Name Clashes

Angular.Js does not allow the developers to compose multiple NG-apps on the same page as it can result in name clashes.

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