Accelerated Mobile Pages: Pros and Cons


What are Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

AMP also known as accelerated mobile pages is an-open-source web based solution and a framework of HTML . It was originally created by google.

Accelerated mobile pages have been a big boost on how we surf on the internet and has helped greatly in accessing a variety of content on our mobile phones .AMP pages are mobile friendly and in addition user friendly in the sense that they consume less data compared to other non AMP-pages and they load their data directly from Google’s servers.

The act of loading web pages from google servers improves loading speed of AMP pages compared to other different pages. In recent times AMP pages have evolved in the way that they may not only be used with mobile phones but also appear in the desktop search results. This has resulted to popularity and increase in the number of users of AMP pages. You can hire best mobile app developers in India for effective app solutions.

Pros and Cons of Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) 

Some of the pros and cons of AMP pages include:


Increased website engagement

As mentioned earlier AMP pages consume less data and loading of the pages is fast . This increases user engagement in the website since the user can spend as much time needed surfing on the internet without having much to worry about consumption of huge amounts of data .

Fast loading of pages enables users to engage in a variety of content efficiently since less time is consumed loading a page .This improves the user experience hence encouraging them to stay on the site longer and even increase the chances of the users coming back for another experience in future.

Increased click through rates

The appearance of AMP pages in the desktop search results and even on mobile phones on the carousel has increased the chances of usage of the AMP pages since most of the visitors can now access them easily. This also decreases the search time ,leading to increased click through rates.

Low bounce rates

The fast loading of pages has popularized AMP pages since new users tend to stay on the pages longer due to the good experience.Study in recent times has shown that over 50 websites are abandoned if the mobile sites take longer than around 4 seconds to load.This has led to decrease of bounce rates since AMP pages offer a fast loading environment leading to more time spent on them.

Increased visibility

AMP pages search results have become clearer .This has made the pages standout and could lead to increase in click through rates since, users tend to go more for the better and quality experience.This helps a great deal in improving surfing experience.

Better search results

The fast loading of clearer and more visible pages has improved the website experience and made it more accurate.The better search results have also led to decreased bounce rates hence increasing AMP users.


There has been increased speed while using AMP pages since loading of web pages is fast.This has also helped increase the amount of content we consume on the internet. This is so far the factor that makes AMP pages standout

Increase in number of advertisement

AMP supports over 200 different  ad networks hence ,providing publishers with a variety of options to choose how and where to advertise there ads.

Increase AMP traffic

Since AMP pages have faster loading time ,they receive more traffic compared to other web pages and many companies are moving to AMP pages.This has lead in increase in sales of many firms using AMP pages because firms load a lot of AMP pages leading to increased traffic.


Slow loading of video

Despite the fact that AMP pages are exceptional when it comes to page loading due to their fast loading, when it comes to videos it’s a different story .Videos face a challenge because they vary in size.When a page is loaded and there is a video on the page it depends on the size of the video to determine the amount of time it will take to load.Despite the fact that AMP pages consume less data ,playing of videos is different since the videos consume more data comparing to when the videos are absent.

Limited widgets and features

Since AMP pages use limited code (HTML, Javascript) only limited widgets are available and adding of a widget or a feature becomes a challenge.

Google URL

AMP pages currently display google URL instead of the actual website’s URL .

Coordination challenge 

AMP pages are well known for their fast loading but when it comes to loading ads ,in some instances there loading is slow .This leads to new users using the pages scrolling without getting to see the advertisements and the intended objective for ad publishers does not get accomplished.

Decrease in ad revenue 

Installing and publishing of ads on AMP pages is not an easy task and when achieved publishers depend on the ads for monetary value.In a case where an ad fails to load or is slow to load ,the objective is not achieved and the ad revenue decreases since it has not been viewed.

No subscribers

AMP pages do not have a feature supporting subscribers and many ad publisher do not really get to know the impression of the viewers concerning their advertisements.Addition of such a feature would really boost the publishers work and encourage them to post even more ads .It would also help in increasing their earnings.


Nowadays the use of mobile phones has really increased by a big number and the number will keep growing with every passing day.Many of the users if not all depend on the phones for browsing ,getting information from the internet , others streaming live videos and some even shopping on the internet .

For anyone considering using the AMP pages it would be a good choice since,despite the growing number of users it offers good qualities like fast loading of pages, consumption of less data and is even mobile friendly and user friendly.Ofcourse it has its disadvantages but the advantages are also there. You can hire best app developers India for your upcoming projects.