Advantages Of Flutter App Development 2023


Advancements in technology have led to the invention of smarter phones and intelligent mobile based applications. Mobile apps are getting more famous with each passing day and the most commonly used platforms for these devices include android and IOS. Previously for building different apps developers needed to program them in Android as well as IOS separately which require more time and resources. This led to the introduction of cross-platform app development methodology on order to develop mobile apps which can run of various platforms.

What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter is a SDK developed by Google which utilizes Dart programming language and provides developers with an efficient kit to develop cross-platform applications. The mobile apps development using Flutter can be successfully run on all commonly used mobile platforms such as Android, IOS and Google Fuchsia.

Flutter was released in the year 2018 and it is now being widely used by mobile application developers as it provides amazing features and API support. Flutter works upon the reactive development architecture and using this SDK the UI content is automatically updated when the variables in code are changed.

Advantages of Flutter

Flutter by Google is an open source technology for development of native mobile based applications. It is a complete kit which contains all the required features for building up cross platform compatible applications. The advantages of using Flutter are listed below:

Amazing widgets

Flutter is rich in readymade and custom built widgets which make it faster and easier to develop desired features and functionalities. These widgets are used for building up the user interface of the mobile based applications using various layouts, views, controllers, etc.

Different widgets can be combined together to create an interactive and user friendly UI and you can also customize these widgets according to your requirements. The widgets in flutter are organized in the form of trees and require rendering while building up the user interface.

Hot Reload

One of the most developer friendly and interactive features of flutter is the hot reload which enables them to view all the changes that have been made in the code. Developers can also fix bugs using this feature as well as add new features quickly and experiment with the existing functionalities. This feature also encourages better collaboration of designers and developers and makes the app’s UI better and attractive. 

As fast as Flutter is, it also turns into a huge file size, which is another problem for Flutter developers. In most cases, businesses hire Flutter app developers in India in order to create cross-platform apps faster and at a much lower cost than native applications.

Cross-platform development

One of the most prominent pros of flutter is that it allows you to built applications which are compatible to run of various different platforms using the same code base.

Easy to set-up

You can set-up flutter easily and it does not much time to settle as well. In addition to that, flutter does not take require you to have a powerful machine.

Native features access

Some mobile applications require access of native applications such as camera, maps, geo-location, etc and flutter allows the developers to reuse existing Java, Swift and Objective C code in order to access the native mobile applications.

Dart Language

Dart has the same features as JAVA making it easy for mobile application developers to shift to this language and develop apps robustly.

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