Agile Software Development Advantages & Disadvantages

Agile Software Development

What is Agile?

Agile is a software development that works and collaborated with the idea of self-organization and adaptive planning and is perfect for our current changing world.

It is more than just a framework like a scrum or extreme programming. It is fast, adaptive, concentrates on the people doing the work and how they do it.

How does it work?

Agile relieves the risk of working for a long time that eventually leads to failure because of a small mistake, reducing the risk factor. It is faster than other frameworks and completes the entire piece of software in a couple of months. and also It anticipates the future and fulfills the present needs and the changes the future may bring.

Advantages of Agile Software Development:

Being the most effective and the most wanted framework right now some key points makes agile so famous. Here is a list of pointers that make Agile win:


Agile methodology deals with a project by breaking it down into different teams and collaborating which trips better quality results. And the rest period for each stage will be reviewed collectively and managed to give out better results.


Another advantage of the agile methodology is its speed and flexibility. It’s very adaptive and open to change that it molds itself with the latest requirements.

Progress in real life:

 it offers complete visuality of the ongoing progress in real life that allows room for transparency because of the constant exchanges with the client. The client would be ever happier to follow up on the happening progress of the project rather than to wait for it until the end. It establishes a forum for trust and healthy professional relationships.


 Agile is a wonderful way to control cost. It reviews and crosses reviews the cost factor after every step of the process and then the team decides to keep going or relieve certain tasks or even suspend the whole project based on these reviews. Agile is very cost-friendly. It is one of the most crucialstep in the whole process.


Communication is the key point in agile methodology. It requires the individuals and the developers to jolt down the process very carefully and take every step with great attention to detail. It also avoids any miscommunication or confusion that may be caused otherwise.


Agile methodology accepts any changes and adjustments that may be required even in the later stages of the development.

Always changing and adapting:

 Agile is always is open to more and present-day movements and trends that make it easier for the developers or the clients. It never steps back on updating and adapting itself to a new challenge.

Large community:

In today’s world having a big community and large audience who knows what you are doing and having a platform to go down and help each other along the process is very important. Agile offers a large community out there that uses agile daily.

Immediate feedback:

 Developers can get their immediate feedback and understand their step-backs.

Agile software development is one of the best frameworks presently being used. It provides wonderful advantages that make developers and customers alike want to use agile software and methodology. With all of its greatness, it also comes with some disadvantages.

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Disadvantages of Agile Software Development:

Despite its many positive attributes agile also has some disadvantages that may put you behind in some ways. Here are some of them:

  1. Difficult to predict cost, time, and resources. Before the project has begun it can be really hard to pinpoint the amount of time and money it’s going to exhaust you of.
  2. Measurement of progress is difficult because agile concentrates on delivering in increments.
  3. Although agile is adaptive to change it can be hard for developers to understand and adapt to change as change is often resisted.
  4. In agile documentation is way less than it is in other frameworks which can make it hard for the new members to speed their learning.
  5. It might take a little longer than other frameworks as it requires the developers and the clients to be in constant contact with each other and hold a lot of meetings.
  6. The projects may become everlasting cause there is no clear end.
  7. The product needs a long-term vision and active communication.
  8. It cannot be used for small development projects as the Vision needs to be long-term.
  9. The project may go sideways if the project manager is not particular about the requirements of the project.

Despite having ample amount of both advantages and disadvantages agile is still the most sought framework in today’s world. Hope this article helped you decide whether agile software is a solution for you or not. Irrespective of how wonderful software development may be, it always comes down to specific details which must fulfill your requirement.

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