Doctor On-Demand Mobile App Development: Cost & Features

Doctor Mobile App Development

Getting doctor’s appointments isn’t easy anymore. We need to see our schedule and try to fit in with the doctor’s busy schedule. Procrastinating going to the doctor is the worst option. The health risk increases and can cause many problems. Now a days doctors are available online due to different apps. You can get yourself checked easily and fast. These doctors on demand mobile app development have numerous features, which are necessary for an app.


1) Sign in

The app needs two sign-in options for doctors and patients. It will be convenient for doctors to check patients’ medical history and keep track of the patients when they open their portal. The sign-in option should be easy and simple. Keep two to three sign-in options like sign in with email or sign in through social media accounts. This will help them link their accounts to the app.

2) Document scanning

The doctors will need to scan their degrees and post them on their profiles. If you provide an inbuilt document scanner with great quality will help both doctors and patients. Patients can easily scan documents related to their previous medical history or any recently done blood test. The quality should be good for the doctors to read and understand the reports.

3) Videos

The doctors and the patients should be given an option to record the video chat. As it will be easy for the doctor to refer for the second appointment of the patient. If the patient has not understood anything he/she can view the recording of the video and clear their doubts. If any exercise is performed by a doctor or medicine name is given, the patient can view the recorded sessions as many times they want.

4) Document Management

The app should provide patients and doctors with a safe system to save all their prescriptions and medical records. Enough space should be there so that they can keep adding any type of test they have done recently. Keep the document management section password-protected for both the doctor portal and the patient portal. There won’t be a chance of misuse by anyone. 

5) Payment gateway

Once the patients are done with their consultation the app should guide them towards a payment gateway. The payment gateway should provide various options for payment. Credit cards, debit cards, UPI payment, or e-wallet options should be there. At the present moment, UPI payment is the most preferred payment as it takes only a minute.

6) Appointment management

The patient can book an appointment with the specialist he/she wants. Once the patient enters the preferred time and date for the appointment then the app can show the list of timings when the doctor is available. The timing of the doctor and patient matches and the patient books and confirms his appointment and an email should be sent immediately. This way the appointment will be confirmed from both sides.

7) Live chat

Being a medical app emergency can happen anytime. 24*7 live chat assistants should be there. This will give information to the people who are new to the app and will help in case of an emergency. If any doctor is available post-midnight or immediately or there is a problem in handling the documents these problems can be handled by the live chat assistant. It’s a must for such apps to have a live chat.

Development Cost of the App

The cost of developing the app depends on several factors.

1. Platforms they app will be on like Android, iOS, Website Applications.

2. Geographical factors for which nation the app is for.

3. The complexity of the app.

4. Technology used.

5. The number of features added.

If there are fewer features the app wouldn’t require a lot of money for development. If there are more features then it can go costly.There are many factors to consider when developing a medical app.

Hourly rates for developing the app in India would cost around $25 to $50 in India. Other countries like the USA or Europe would cost you more. The application will cost around $30,000 to $40,000 with all the basic features and may a few advanced features. This all completely depends on the client’s requirement.

If you want to develop the app for only Android users then it may cost you around $15,000 to $20,000. If you want it for iOS users also then its cost increases immediately up to $35,000. Applications with all basic features to a few or many advanced features can range from $50,000 to $80,000.

Pandemic has made people more careful about their health. These apps will help to keep a daily check on their health. Convenience for the patients as they won’t have to wait in lines, just a video call with the doctor will help them out. The technology-driven medical app will make its way.

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