Laravel Development Best Practices

Laravel Development

Laravel is a framework that is developed by Taylor Otwell. Laravel uses the PHP language for coding. Laravle is known to handle complex application programming within the PHP framework. It has a fully structured PHP based framework. It is an advanced framework compared to other frameworks. Laravel got popular when it introduced its packing system known as bundles. Its variety of features made it even more popular. The versions of Laravel started becoming stable and people started using it more. Laravel’s testing feature is an in-built feature that tests the application and detects problems if there. Laravel needs to be used with the best practices in mind.

1) Latest version

It is also recommended to use the latest version of Laravel. The latest version is always more stable and secure to use. The authentication is more in the latest version. If you make an application using the latest version of Laravel you will be able to use any new function introduced. You will see the improvements in each latest version that will help with the performance. While downloading the latest version just check compatibility with other technologies. 

2) Strong credentials

You should use strong credentials as a part of your security system. Hacking any kind of software or application or website is easy so you need not take the security part on a lighter side. Access will be granted to many people that’s why security is at risk anyways but by using strong credentials you can take a step to secure it. The major reason for strong credentials is that your data should not be misused by anyone. If hacked and misused all your efforts will be gone, just be careful. The framework of Laravel provides strong security features.

3) Eloquent ORM

Eloquent is an Object Relational Mapper(ORM) that makes communication with databases easy. They help in creating complex applications or websites. They show the data in a single query to all the end-users. They systematically handle data and represent data as objects. Using Eloquent ORM is known to be one of the best practices of Laravel. It helps to optimize the queries which are required. Compared to others the queries are highly readable by Eloquent ORM, it’s the biggest reason why Laravel developers insist on using it. It also takes care of the name convention of your model while developing a website or application.

4) Auto-load

Auto-load makes it easy for you to load files without actually including them. While working it downloads all the files required at that moment. It saves your time. All the auto-downloading happens with the help of a composer and Laravel is developed in such a way that it can work with a composer. Auto-load is a feature that is in-built in Laravel and should be used by everyone. Once you dump the last files downloaded it stores the file names and downloads them again when you need them. The new controller for auto-loading appears and is ready to download the next files.

5) CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN helps to improve the performance and to lower the load on the main server. Implementing CDN in Laravel is quite a tough job to do, but if you have a good technical team it can be done systematically. This package provides you with the ability to upload your assets with a single command. The integration can be done with either of the two ways CDN assets manager package or rewriting the URL of your assets.

6) Plugins

Plugins are a sort of component which can be reused freely anywhere in the code. They are used because they provide access to all the features Laravel offers to its host application. Packages can also be created on your own. Sometimes you use a large number of plugins in a Laravel, so it is too wise to remove the not needed ones. To remove them, you have to seek the help of a developer if you are a beginner. Disable the plugins when you are finished with your project. Use the plugins which you require.

These are some of the practices you need to follow while using Laravel. You should keep your database in Laravel clean by cleaning out the old cache and files. Take a backup of your biles so you can delete it from Laravel. Laravel follows an internal coding standard which you should follow and take care of. Using its command-line interface you will experience a smooth web development process. This will make a good impact on the development of the website or application you are working on. Command-line Interface(CLI) will help you to track triggering of any problem. Command-line Interface also helps in scheduling tasks. All these things will help you with Laravel and these practices will make Laravel easy to use.

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