PHP Development Best Practices

php development

Hypertext Preprocessor(PHP) is a programming language that is designed by Rasmus Lerdorf. It has become a popular programming language as it’s free and simple to understand. It is used by many companies for programming. It is a versatile language that can be used on different platforms and different devices. The dynamic nature of the language has made it popular compared to other languages. PHP development is backed up with a lot of documentation which is very useful. Sometimes beginners or even people with experience don’t use the language the best as they don’t practice certain things which they need to.

1) Short Tags

Many times experienced professionals think it’s okay to use short tags as the coding will be completed in time. They think that short tags will save them time. Using short tags can cause problems in the final result. It doesn’t look good professionally when you use short tags. You should avoid using short tags. Using short tags is risky sometimes if the server does not repose due to short tags you need to redo. While developing applications or software it should be completely avoided.

2) Documentation

You should make proper documentation of your codes. This practice is followed by very few people. It is preferred if you write comments on your code as it will be useful. If you write comments it will not only help you but will also help your colleagues. You will remember the next time when you use the same code. Proper documentation is always good for reference or to send the code to any other person. Being lazy and not maintaining proper documentation of code won’t get you anywhere. Commenting on your code will help you remember the function of a certain code. Commenting will also be a benefit for you.

3) Single and Double Quotes

You should be aware of the difference between single and double quotes. If you want to write something the same then use a single quote. Always try to use single quotes for simple and single strings. If you have to use any kind of special characters in your code then you should go for double-quotes. While using double quotes you can use the variables directly in the strings this is not possible in single quotes. Single quotes and double quotes both have their advantages. You need to use it according to your use and requirement.

4) Error reporting

The programming language Hypertext Preprocessor(PHP) has a function error reporting which is very useful. The error reporting helps to detect errors in the code. The error reporting function has many levels so you can choose a level that will be applied to your current script. This helps to solve different problems faced by the code. Once the mistakes are identified you may not do those in your next coding script. Error reporting is to avoid any mistake in the code as we all want a properly coded script.

5) Avoid Deep Nesting

Deep nesting and logic don’t go hand in hand which is a little difficult. The flow of the code gets messed up and how and when will the code run becomes a big problem. Deep nesting makes the code hard to read. More statements and blocks can create problems and confusion in the code and you need to redo your code which will take up more time. Where necessary you should only use it. It makes your code look ugly in front of others. Not using deep nesting is a good practice.

6) PHP Manual

PHP has a very well organized manual that is needed for better understanding. You can check up on any word of the language or if you have any query with any word you will find your answer in the manual. It is a good practice to refer to the PHP manual no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced developer. It can solve all your last-minute doubts. You will find a variety of articles which will always help you. Reading the PHP manual you will understand the language more in detail and it will become much easier for you to use the language.

There are many practices you need to follow to use the coding language properly. You should also try to use the PHP framework, if you have learned the fundamentals of the language you will understand it well. The framework will help you create good applications. You should be updated to the latest version of PHP so that you come across any new function. If you want your PHP script to run well then you need to cut down a few database queries. These simple practices will help you to be better at the hypertext preprocessor programming language. Do keep these practices in mind while coding.

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