Why Python is one of the Best Programming Languages used for Web Development?


Why Python is one of the Best Programming Languages used for Web Development?

Presently Python possesses the topmost spot among the various best programming languages used for web development. This language’s fame has been continuously increasing since last several years. Because of its reliability and stability, the language is considered as one of the greatest commonly used programming languages right from the time it was presented by Guido van Ross-um. It is known that the concept of Python web development came into the picture during the late 80’s and it was named after Monty Python. Though there are many other languages that were developed after Python for the purpose of web development, it did not place any serious risk to the extensive usage of Python.

As huge organizations such as Instagram and Google usually have vital and object-oriented based functional programming, these choose to utilize Python for its various programming standards. It is known that the topmost global organizations working on Python are IBM, NASA, JP Morgan, Wikipedia, YouTube, Google, Bank of America, Weekly News, Mozilla, Yahoo!, Ultraseek, Linux, Nokia, Yahoo Maps, Disney, and many more.

Most of the newbie find pleasure to learn and use this language. Moreover, the novices in the field of computer programming prefer to work on Python because it is entertaining to use. This language is popular among different web developers owing to its all-inclusive nature and huge standard library that comes with automatic memory management as well as vibrant features. Python developed with an object-oriented based design bears an edge on many other programming languages on different aspects, and this is the reason why Python is incorporated among the topmost choices for the process of web development.

Now let’s understand in detail about how the language has become one of the topmost languages for the process of web development: 

Python is Flexible:

Those users who are a newbie to the field of programming could regard Python as a launch pad for discovering this extensive subject. Apart from the object-orientated platform, it is known that this programming language works to support different paradigms like functional, imperative and also procedural programming. Moreover, the object-oriented based values of this language are seamlessly accustomed to different languages like JavaScript, Perl, and Ruby and C #. The language too possess many resources, contains high-level of web framework, and also it is pocket-friendly, so preferred by tech giants.

Needs comparatively lesser coding:

Recognized as simple to learn and comprehend, this language is among those programming languages that lets the user experience user-friendly and broad. It is highly efficient, needs lesser coding, and this indirectly lets it be efficient and readable.

The finest part about this is that you can compose a code of just one line and this facilitates several developers the capability to make tough and big programs which could be extremely long to be without the burden of coding. Through the help of just a few lines to create a particular program as well as commands, one can effortlessly master this language through continuous practice. There is no trouble when the matter comes to memorize many lines simply to display and make easy functions. 

Easy to handle:

As compared to other programming languages, for Python, simplicity is actually the key to its extensive acceptance. At least effort and time, a skilled programmer can quickly design many functions with just some code lines. The language comes with appealing design and is developed keeping in mind the importance of readability and efficiency. This ensures reduced mental overhead. Moreover, its neat visual layout is an aspect that lets it be highly readable.

Simple to use:

It is a fact that web development is actually not a simple task and it needs excellent talent as well as knowledge. But, it is known that Python is very simple to learn and comprehend contrasting to its several other counterparts. The fact is the language can be considered as the one which is intended for beginners through an easy-to-learn syntax. Its syntax appears like pseudo-code letting it simple to develop as well as debug for new users. When the matter comes to coding, it involves small codes and steps.

Trouble-free integration:

Python Package Index (briefly as PyPI) possesses many third-party modules that work to assist it to team up with different other languages and platforms. The fact is the programming language could be effortlessly integrated with several other programming languages as well. Of these, the famous ones are CPython, Jython, IronPython, PyObjc, and RubyPython. 

Rapid processing:

The aspect that lets Python stand unique as compared to contemporary web development based languages is that it is very flexible to function with different programming frameworks as well as environments. The advanced features of the language benefit in the simple and rapid development of specific applications. The fast processing works to save a considerable cost to the firm utilizing it. Moreover, it is extensively accepted in the form of an instructional language. Also, it could be efficiently reused by the help of attentive application of modules and packages. The unit test framework is known to be incorporated by default with this language, and this is actually its sole specialty that confirms that a particular code is functioning rightly as per the plan. 

Better convenience:

Python language is found to be rich with a huge number of resources. The language has a wide library that highlights built-in functionality, adding to the complete convenience provided through its usage. It encompasses an extensive range of areas like internet protocols, string operations, operating system interfaces as well as web services tools. Furthermore, it has the library that offers excellent support for internet protocols like HTML and XML, JSON, and e-mail processing as well. Apart from the large and wide-ranging standard library, Python highlights automatic memory management with the help of a garbage collector as well as through dynamic type mechanism. 

Enormous applications:

Python programming language is applied globally for an extensive range of applications. You can see that it can be used in the field of image processing, graphic design, and also in GUI related desktop apps. This is the language that has played a prime role in several exciting games, different scientific and computational areas as well as apps. Other than the use of web applications, Python could not be put separate for operating systems, several enterprise and business apps, web frameworks, language development, and for prototyping. The world’s biggest stock exchange makes use of Python for several mission-critical based applications, adding to its fame. In addition to that, other major sectors wherein this programming language for the purpose of web development has made its mark comprise of cell phones, movie animation, newspaper websites, shipbuilding industries, and for air traffic control. 

Feasible choice:

As compared to remaining famous languages utilized for the purpose of web development, Python-based programs actually stand unique. Its programs are found to be 5-10 times shorter in most cases as compared to the C++ code. While compared to Pascal or C, it has just a rare special case as well as syntactic exceptions. Moreover, the programs are generally around 3-5 times shorter as compared to that of the Java programs. Being different to other languages, Python chooses a straightforward approach to programming which makes the entire process crystal clear to the web programmer. 

Open source language:

Python is identified as an open-source language that comes with improved process control capabilities, making it perfect for general-purpose use. The language could be easily modified or used as per the specific need. Moreover, it is extensively utilized and distributed in different applications, for instance for commercial purposes. It is found that the support for this language is too freely available. Any enthusiasts can freely have a visit to the website -Python.org in order to seek assistance or details. Alternatively, they can get support through the help of the tutorials. Above all, there is one active community comprising of Python users always working to provide assistance.

Outstanding For Building Prototypes:

The concept that Python permits you to do more with little code too facilitates you to build prototypes as well as ideas rapidly. It is general that ideation is frequently an overlooked matter of web development, and also the capability to offer functioning prototypes at rapid rate could help to save money, decrease time, and gratify clients. 

All in one tool:

The language is quite secure and affordable. Python is made available for the majority of the extensively used operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and UNIX. This is the language that overcomes different competitors directly from sectors like fundamental CGI scripting to web apps associated with big frameworks like Django. The web applications that are developed with Python are chiefly designed with the help of Django or Flask module. Apart from being rapid and robust, it is very scalable and portable. 

Concluding Note:

This global programming language is excellent for the purpose of website development with a higher flexible base. The language founds an extensive use in featuring big systems and altering search engines with varying client requirements. Python is used extensively in the field of science and engineering, artificial intelligence tasks and also for improving the graphics experience. There are many programming languages which got influenced by the design and philosophy of Python like Groovy, Cobra, CoffeeScript, Swift, and many more.