Python Developers Hourly Rates in India

Python Developers Hourly Rates in India

Programming is the future and the demand for the people who can take on computer coding jobs is more than ever. Python is leading the race. Ever since the early 2010s, its increase in the popularity has been phenomenal.

If you are interested in Data Science, AI, Web development, Machine learning then Python is your one-stop. Although it’s not a newly developed language it has surpassed even the ‘traditional languages’ such as Java, C#, and PHP.

Due to its flexible nature, it has become one of the most in-demand languages. As a result, the pay for python developers is exceptionally higher compared to those who work with other languages. 

Before we jump into the inner details of how high a python developer is paid per hour or what are the factors that affect the hourly rate. Let us first know Who is a python developer is and what is his job?

Who is a python developer and what are their roles?

Python developers are in charge of designing and coding software applications with python language. He / She is responsible for the coding, designing, deploying, and debugging of the projects on the back end ( the server-side).

Why are the python developer charges so high?

The most appealing thing about python is that its potential is not limited to specific domains and is a versatile language that has all the leading companies like Google, NASA, YouTube, in the tech industry wanting more python developers. Since the demand for gadgets and tech stuff is high and the supply is low the prices for the supply will peak, and also one of many reasons can be the availability of developers.  

Python developers roles


1. Data scientists 

Data science is statistics implemented through programming. usually Python programmers for the data science earn more than in other job roles. Companies need a lot of data and information to build the market and customer information which makes data science the most common and well-paid role in python development. Data scientists are highly trained in collecting and processing data from libraries.

2. AI / Machine learning 

AI and Machine learning are terms used for several applications that include robotics, data analytics, web development. They develop, train, retrain ML apps and systems according to client requirements and extend and experiment with existing ML frameworks and libraries. 

 3. Web Developers 

Web development is always going to be a top skill. Web development is related to creating, deploying, and operating applications on the internet. This requires a strong, versatile, and flexible language and python fits perfectly. 

comparatively to the other Languages Python is a language that is easy to learn and efficient. as it is a highly flexible language hence Python is also being taught in academics. Python is great scripting and backed by an active community. Despite being the easiest language and the most in-demand some factors weigh in that decide the salary. 

1. Experience: Experience plays a very big role. The greater number of years of experience will increase the pay. As an entry-level developer, the average salary would approximately be 5705$ per annum. The average mid-level developer salary with a couple of years of experience would be 12148$ per annum. The average salary of a senior developer with 10+ years of experience would be 15356$ per annum. the number of projects & years you have worked on plays a very important role in how much you get paid. 

Generally the pay of a freelance python developer may vary and might charge less as compared to the above ones. The average hourly rate of most python developers in India is $5-$25.

2. Location: Python developers from India and USA earn 26% and 21% more than the other locations. 


Average Pay per Hour (in USD)









3. Job role: Some job roles pay more than others such as

Job Role

Average Pay Per Hour in India

Python Web Developer


Data Scientist


Machine Learning Engineer


DevOps Engineer


Python Software Developer


Being a data scientist pays a lot more because all the companies always want more data to build their market and prepare their strategies.

4. Skillset:

The more skills and languages you know the heavier the salary you take home. Python developers always need to learn new skills and keep up with upcoming trends and learn new languages such as Git, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, AWS, Django, Docker, Linux.

If you know more than one language the more efficient you will be in working with complicated projects and situations. Which puts you in a higher-paying role than the person who knows just one language.


For new developers who are looking for a way into the IT industry python could be your way in. It’s a language that is 3 decades old but is overcoming all the challenges and has a steady increase in demand right now.

However, if you are looking for a python developer who could match your requirement at a very genuine hourly rate then Indian python developers are the ones you need to check for.

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