React Native Development mistakes to avoid

React Native Development


Approx 99% of the people are using a phone which has either android OS or iOS. Android has a play store for hosting various applications and iOS has an app store for the same task. But both the play store and iOS only host that application on their platform which satisfies their recommended languages. Now think, if some company or anyone wants to launch its application for both the Android and IOS operating system then the application needs to be coded in two different languages based on both the platform’s requirements. So will need extra effort, time, money, and much more skill. Therefore to get rid of this problem, React Native platform is developed. Now in this article, we are going to know about this amazing platform with some tips to avoid react-native development mistakes.

What is React Native?

React Native framework for building cross-platform applications. It was developed by Facebook in 2015 and over the past few years, & has gained a lot of popularity across the world. Also it is adopted by hundreds of businesses including Uber, Microsoft, etc. It is generally called RN and is a very popular Java-script-based mobile application framework that allows the developers to build applications for cross platforms just by one-time coding. The Reactive Native is built on React- a Java-script library and written in Java-script, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, UWP, and VR. React Native offers React’s declarative UI framework the various operating system including Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP. React Native is also used to develop virtual reality applications at Oculus.

Advantages of using React Native:

  • Save time and code reusability: React Native platform allows the developers to code once for the deployment on iOS and Android as well. This feature of React Native saves time for coding the same application for two different platforms and also saves the cost of developing it by different engineers based on different languages to support Android and iOS. According to an analysis, about 90% of the code can be reused between Android and iOS.
  • Strong performance for mobiles:  The React Native is well suited for their devices and makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). React Native is super-fast compared to hybrid technologies.
  • Access to libraries and ready-made solutions: React Native has a range of pre-defined solutions and libraries which don’t require any fees to access them. The ready-made solutions of this platform enable the developer to simplify application building and create bug-free codes efficiently.

Some disadvantages of React Native:

  • Difficult to learn: Learning react-native can be challenging and especially for beginners. They might find it difficult to develop the applications with JSX in java-script syntax extension. The developers must know native bridges features like videos, maps, etc. and, if they are not experts in all these then this must be seen as complex to work on.
  • Low Security: React Native is an open-source platform so the developers often face difficulties in keeping the app secure. To develop apps that require extra security like banking or finance apps, then you must need to be extra alert and since java-script is a very flexible language, therefore the security level of React Native is not very high. Any modification can be done by a third party against the security measures.

React Native development mistakes to avoid:

The demand and popularity of React Native application developers are increasing continuously in the big IT-based software companies and since the engagement is increasing the chances of errors and mistakes are also expanding.

  • Wrong Estimation: If you are creating any Web application, forms, or layout for iOS and Android versions, you should estimate the proper validations, different endpoints which are offered by the backend, number of components in layouts, etc.
  • Not optimizing the React Native Images: To load the image fast, optimization of the images in apps building is a very important task. After all, it helps in resizing the image and upload to the cloud server efficiently and quickly.
  • Avoiding writing unit tests: Writing the unit test reduces unnecessary problems while launching the application. This makes the development process reliable and as well as enhances your application reputation.
  • Avoiding the project structure: The developers should never ignore the structure of the project instead they should focus on this and learn deeply about this to get a better outcome.
  • Left “console.log” statement: This statement is very handy it helps in debugging the app and ignoring this statement can ultimately lead your application slower down in performance.


The React Native platform is being very popular and demanding in today’s digital market. Now the companies are demanding a developer who better knows to develop the application on react native platform that saves time and budget. Developers are switching to this platform due to its increasing rate of demand and excellent advantages. Also due to this platform, the importance of the Java script frame has been enhanced. If you are also interested in coding and developing, you can go with this technology and boost your carrier.

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