SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Product Development Checklist

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A software distribution model in which a third party is responsible for hosting of applications is known as a SaaS (Software as a Service) Product. SaaS Is one of the major categories of cloud computing and its getting more popular with each passing day as it allows you to develop applications without setting up huge server rooms.

SaaS Product Development Checklist

Using SaaS technology software product development cycles are shorter and the costs are also reduced to a huge level. The activities which must be a part of the development procedure while building a SaaS product are listed below:

Client Technology selection

The key component used in most of the SaaS products nowadays is HTML5 as its works well with the software as a service technology. Some companies were reluctant to adopt HTML5 due to the fact that high penetration of XP in the market place hindered any Microsoft browser from supporting HTML5.

In case of development of mobile based SaaS applications Its recommended to use HTML5 or Native mobile app development procedures depending upon the features which will be include in the product.

API Requirements

Another factor which must be considered while planning the API development cycle for your SaaS product is API requirements. API helps in handling various functionalities and additional capabilities and these APIs are mandatory especially in case of large enterprise apps or big data products so that integration of such program’s results in getting the required functionality.

Server Side Requirements

Another important factor to work on while building such apps is to figure out that which server will be most suitable for integration with your SaaS product. While using SaaS a number of teams are working on the same virtual server and the performance and speed requirements are elevated due to this fact.

For this purpose the option of using a multi-tenant database can also be availed but in that case the server will require additional security settings and checks. Also the audit and compliance requirements also become more difficult t handle in this case.

The SaaS products must be developed in such a manner that they are more resilient to database failures and must be able to recover if it faces anything like a data breach, leakage or corruption and special attention must be given by the developers in assuring that the all the security measures are carefully taken into account.

SaaS On-boarding

The SaaS products also require on-boarding processes in order to adjust the new tenants and also the billing associated to these tenants must be closely managed. A number of third party service providers are available who can help on carrying out the on-boarding process.

SaaS Operations

The final step in the checklist is keeping track of the SaaS operations such as monitoring of system related activities including fault detection, performance of server and applications, privacy & security; detect any kind of intrusion and remediation in addition to management of audit streams.

After going through all these above factors thoroughly you can start the development procedure of your SaaS product.

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