The Potential of AI for a Brighter Future


The Potential of AI for a Brighter Future

How bright would the ‘light’ be after a starry night of AI?

The present calendar year has witnessed artificial intelligence as it has made the world its playground – from learning platforms to retails, from business solutions to corporate investments, there is nothing in the industry that hasn’t found itself out of the broad spectrum of AI trend. Obeying the laws, as something goes up it is sure to come down, AI is maturing with time to see off this phase of abundant hidden scope.

As the world has seen technologies being rejected, then gradually adapted and reaching their fates to saturation, AI does look like a photon following the same beam of light. Slowly the industry has been realising that the next phase of AI is all about smarter, solid adaptive technologies and not the fancy glimpse of shallow bucket from the ocean of AI. Now the focus has drastically shifted towards establishing and strengthening real businesses that can help you plan for generations.

The tech drivers like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are galloping their way on the road to better AI as swiftly as a streak—displacing smaller competition by releasing new products or open sourcing more AI tools. In a world that is on an infinite iteration of the greedy algorithm, technology just isn’t enough for the young start-ups to compete and survive with these fat traders of technology.

The on point market analysis by eGlobal chalks out the prerequisites and ingredients for a successfully flourishing AI-driven business.  There are a few key points to ponder for you as this piece of blog gives away a few generic characteristic that we have found evident in the strongest players of the technology. Our experienced analysts feel they can be of great help for you to create the much sough value for your customers.


It has to be realised with utmost consciousness that integrating AI functionality into the products ‘gave’ (keep the tense in mind) companies an upper hand in the market. But, AI-as-a-Service doesn’t seem to have sufficient legs to you run the enterprises in long term. Slowly the AI algorithms are expected to be meaner, leaner, and universally interoperable which automatically leaves the true value in nothing but the data itself. Young ones in the industry need to question the tech entrepreneur within, “what is the long-term value of their data?” they should have a crystal clear perspective if their data exclusively belongs to them or they are an easy target  for replication by a contemporary. The ability to breed and maintain exclusively owned data has the potential to determine if the company will maintain a meaningful differentiation in long-term.


More than the depth or the quantum of AI being put in application, what matters is that the team can assess the view of their data which they rightly need. It doesn’t take a data scientist or a computer geek to make an AI system learn to figure out what is right and what is not. You need someone who creativity being a geeky UI/UX designer. Or a market analyst (actuary preferably) for an insurance company. These domain experts give AI teams a leg up in making their products relevant, practical, and indispensable to their target markets. As humanly as ur AI be, the higher you stand on the peak of the markets.


With the above stated requirements of ‘unique’ data and a targeted skilled team the next stone to b flipped is the boulder of your regular work flow. What handsomely characterises the best AI solutions is an “operational loop that is sensitive to the new floods of data maintaining the regular user engagement. The extensive domain knowledge plays a part while designing AI system that is appropriately trained for pattern recognition oriented interrogation. The humans leave a mark of liveliness by growing and developing. Finding an analogy, you AI should be learning, adapting, and becoming an increasingly more efficient to manage and manipulate user’s workflow. The Amazon’s system of online shopping and the CMS is great subject for a case study over the same.


After seeing how the world has been reacting to AI solutions and companies stepping in to the arena, there seems a definite need to recollect the basics and decide if there is a need for AI for the value addition or simply a status symbol.

To take it further, the AI is a component in the system to add a better customer experience. This level of near total automation calls for a handful of precision so the vitality of domain experts at AI learning to capture data, patterns, and insights underlines itself to the best of highlights.

To all the entrepreneurs out there, it’s a piece of advice from eGlobal to start looking for a solidity in their AI solutions as the strongest AI companies will be able to a big pack of tech companies. We feel that for a span of another 5-8 years, AI will continue to expand from sales to marketing, customer service and everywhere else in the sides and corners of your business.  It is your question of survivable that will make you ensure that it spreads thick for however wide it does.