Things to consider before Healthcare App Development


According to a recent study almost 83% doctors use a healthcare app which proves the growing popularity of healthcare and fitness applications nowadays. The number of listed healthcare apps in various app stores has risen up to 97,000 and now is the best time to develop an app with healthcare and fitness features.

Things to consider while developing Healthcare Apps

Before development of a healthcare you must be well-aware of all the factors which are expected by users while using these apps as well as a rich understanding of medical terms. Things which must be considered before you start development of such apps are listed below:

Target Hardware

A vital factor which is considered while planning a healthcare app is that on which type of hardware the app will be mostly used. This can include tablet, a Smartphone or a desktop. Mostly health related apps designed for doctors are used on tablets as tablets can accomplish more rich features and functionality as compared to Smartphone. Whereas the apps designed for seeking doctor’s appointments etc are commonly used on smart phones, so you must have a clear idea of which platform you app will be mostly used on.


Another vital factor which must be considered while planning a health care app is its interoperability. You must be well-aware of that fact that whether your app will be able to work along with the existing clinical management systems which is being used by the hospital staff.

UI/UX of Healthcare App

UI and UX are extremely important while building a healthcare app as these apps are frequently visited by the doctors, hospital staff and patients. Also data is being constantly added on these apps so the design must be simple and user friendly in order to enable patients or doctors to checkout their medical records, book appointments and carry out other such functionalities. The color scheme, font, app flow must be such that it does not trouble patients and helps them use these apps with ease.

API Components

The purpose of using an API is to integrate a process, tool or routine in your app in order to execute a specific task or interact with different modules of software. In case of patient management systems and healthcare applications you must add APIs for your device’s authentication for accessing the repository of patients and allow access to user’s according to their defined roles.

 Iterative Development

While building a healthcare and fitness mobile app you must follow agile development methodology. This approach will enable you to build modules at a relatively slower pace and change your requirement according to the changing trends in the market as iterative development is flexible with requirements.

Data Security

It’s extremely important for a healthcare mobile app development to keep the sensitive data of patients safe and secure. The developers must avoid saving data on app servers as they can experience data breach and you must make sure that data privacy is ensured by using data encryption technique.

Testing Healthcare Apps

It’s important to test your mobile app thoroughly so that no consequences are experienced when patients of doctors are using these apps and the confidential data of patients is kept secured.

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