Top Frontend Development Frameworks in 2019

frontend framework development

The era we live in today is the era of mass technological leaps everywhere. With these Technological advancements, Web Developers are working even harder to bring perfection to the Websites they develop. This also provides room for more advanced and modernized front-end frameworks and with time new libraries, tools and development frameworks are being introduced.

Businesses and companies all around the world hire these web developers to design better-looking User interfaces in order to enhance efficiency, appearance and the convince of interaction with their Websites. Without an effective front-end design your website cannot work effectively so let’s take a look at some of the major and most used front-end Frameworks:


The AngularJS framework is introduced by Google and combines JavaScript with HTML and CSS. The Application to be developed is divided into two major parts, namely Business Logic and Front-End. The Development Environment used is referred to as MVVM (Model-View-View-Model). This allows developers to develop scalable applications with integration to third-party libraries as well. It is also used to create dynamic Mobile Applications with two-way data binding. The applications developed by this framework are effective in design and highly responsive.


It is the Open-Source Web Development framework and is available to use as a free product.

It has all the capabilities to create rich internet applications.

It has the ability to write applications with JavaScript as well as MVC.

It automatically handles JavaScript Code for different Browsers.

It supports HTML code extension for Web Applications.


ReactJS is the most popular Web Development framework out there when it comes to creating Feature-Rich Websites and User Interfaces. ReactJS is managed by a huge community of developers. These Developers are expert and can provide perfection in terms of Speed, Neatness, and Scalability. According to recent trends on Google, ReactJS still remains a strong development tool due to its extra flexibility in creating Machine-Readable Codes. This Framework allows you to accumulate different components into a single verifiable File and this is the best feature of JSX as it allows developers to develop User Interface in Real-Time. Hence this framework can be said to be the leading Platform on the internet due to its rich features and result oriented Performance.


It is an Open-source Platform.

It is a Component-Based Platform.

It is based on Learn-Once Write-Anywhere mechanism.

It is Most Suitable for Large Data-Driven Web Applications.


Backbone or Backbone.JS is one of the Earlier JS based frameworks and it is based on an MVP (Model-View-Presenter) Framework Design. It consists of a RESTful JSON Interface and is leading the Web developing Industry for a number of years since its inception. A huge number of Developers love and use this platform for developing Web-based Applications and it provides a rendering model for Web Applications that are based on Key-Value Binding and Custom Events.


A simple Library to Separate Business Library and User Interface.

It produces a neat and organized code for the smooth working of websites.

It creates One-Page Applications.

It is efficient in creating Web-Based Applications as well as mobile Based Applications.

It is Efficient in handling data both from the server and from servers.


It is a JavaScript-Based Library that is capable of creating Web User Interfaces and also allows Integration with other tools to create some great looking websites. Vue.JS was introduced in 2003 and since then it has shown some great improvements year after year. It is a user-friendly and lightweight framework that combines the best features of React & Angular in the best possible package.


A powerful platform to develop Highly Advanced Web User Interfaces.

Its features an adaptable Architecture for Web-based Developments.

It features Declarative Components and Debugging is easy.

It Allows Developers to write codes with minimum room for errors.


This is an amazing Open-Source Web Development Framework that requires fewer coding because it automatically updates the underlying code according to changes made. It is based on MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) Pattern which allows Developers to create astonishing and Scalable Single Page Web-based Applications. This framework has the capability to integrate a lot of Modern JS Technologies and Concepts into a single bunch of APIs. It helps in developing Web Applications as well as User-Friendly Mobile and Desktop Applications. The performance of Complex User Interfaces is further improved by the use of Two-Way Data Binding Feature.


It has a large number of features based on the principle of “Convention over Configuration”

It features a Beautiful User Interface and Rich amount of option for templates.

It is a Stable Platform.


The NPM or Node Package Manager for JavaScript helps developers to search packages of reusable code and arranges them in easy and rigid ways. This tool is also a type of Command-Line Utility that allows interaction with a repository that aids in the development process when using a package.


Get to Work with more than 470,000 Free Code Packages included with the registry and the ability to reuse them.

It has the ability to Publish and Control access to the namespace.

The same Workflow can be used to manage Private and Public code.

With the pace of Advancements in Web Development in India, the frameworks used in Web development are evolving constantly trying to provide the users of the Websites with the best possible and highly Featured User Interfaces. We have tried to put together a list of Best Frontend developing frameworks and we hope that this will save you time and effort.