Top Software Development Companies in Bangalore

top software development companies in bangalore

Top Software Development Companies in Bangalore 2021

Being one of the most competitive industries. It is a little difficult for us to choose the top software development companies in Bangalore. But, we have done the hard work on our research that will help you choose the best and the most suitable software development company for your business. We have used the google search engine to get the conclusion. all the companies are best and highly efficient in fulfilling the customer’s requirement. so here is the list:

eGlobal Information System India Pvt. Ltd.

eGlobal Information System is an international company. They are ISO certified company. There are many services that AIS provides, such as Custom software development across different platforms like mobile phone applications, web app development, and website development. WordPress development, e-commerce development, Blockchain development, IoT development, Webrtc development SaaS development. eGlobal information system can be the best pick for your business needs. 



7EDGE is one of the top custom app development companies 7EDGE is helping its customers by providing multiple services such as strategic consultation, marketing & advertising, Engineering & innovation, and more. The company is using emerging and latest technologies industry – Node, Angular, Ruby, Java, AWS, iOS, and Android. 7EDGE believes in 7 core values – Initiative, Creativity, Knowledge, Transparency, Collaboration, Reliability, and Quality. This company has experience of over 10 years. If you need a customized app, you can contact the team “7EDGE.”


Fortunesoft IT Innovations:

Fortunesoft is one of the superior software development and consulting companies in Bangalore. The company was started in 2009, with a mission to deliver innovative business solutions. Fortunesoft focuses on the 3 core values such as client focus, Integrity, and Inspire. Fortunesoft is a global company having a presence in multiple countries such as the USA, Australia, Singapore, and India. If you want high-end software development for your business requirement then Fortunesoft can be a good fit. 


OM Software Pvt. Ltd.

OM Software Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2004 with a vision to become an exclusive global leader in the IT industry. The organization is focused on several values such as truthfulness, customer assistance, innovative thinking, exceeding expectations, and more. OM Software Pvt ltd provides several services to help their customers. such as Mobile app development, web app development, UX/UI development, eCommerce development, IT consulting, Audit service, and more. OM Software Pvt. Ltd. can be the best choice for you. 



Appscrip is one of those that has helped many startups by being their software development partner. Surprisingly, many of them raised $1 million in funds. These startups are PQ, Baxi Taxi, Rapdio, Mober, Fortees. Appscrip is focused on providing quality services that help its customers grow. Currently, Appscrip is rendering its services in the USA and India. If you are from any of the countries you can contact the Appscrip team to get your app/ software developed.


Vyshanvi Information Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Vyshanvi Information Technologies is the global leader having a presence in multiple countries such as India, the USA, and Canada. This company is an ISO-certified software development company. Moreover, Vyshanvi Information Technologies was established in 2001, VIT is on the mission to provide technology services to renowned customers. VIT provides multiple services such as web designing and development, software solutions, software testing, eCommerce software development, retail software, e-Governance utility, and more. 


Aspire Software Company:

Aspire Software Company is one of the most reputed companies in Bangalore. ASC has a dedicated team of experienced and innovative professionals. Team ASC provides multiple services such as software development services, offshore software services for businesses and individuals. ASC is capable of providing enterprise application development services as well. Moreover, the company has experience of over 13 years and has successfully completed 100+ projects. 


Fusion Informatics Limited:

Fusion Informatics Limited has become the leading global brand of software development-related services such as IoT, AI, Cloud solutions, blockchain, and others. The company is focused on providing high-level IT solutions. Fusion Informatics Limited is one of the most experienced companies as it has more than 18 years of experience. The company is established in several countries such as India, UAE, Europe, and the USA. 


Nextbrain Technologies:

Nextbrain Technologies is one of the most famous software development companies in Bangalore. The company is helping individuals, startups, MSME, and corporations with their quality custom software development services such as Saas development, app development, user interface design, IoT, web development, and more. contact team Nextbrain Technologies to know more. 


Aguai Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Aguai means “a Leader” and that is true. Aguai solutions believe in transparency, teamwork, trust collaboration while delivering quality services. The company focuses on several core values such as Agility, Design thinking, customer empathy, trust and transparency, reliability, and sustainability. Aguai solutions Pvt Ltd is the leader in providing software development services. Moreover, it can be the right choice for your business requirements. 


All of these companies are leaders and high-quality business services. Any of the listed companies can develop advanced software for your requirement. 

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