Why is Flutter Latest Trend in mobile app development?

Flutter App Development

There requires a dynamic software with which a particular phone, web, or desktop can have their apps for their work, and Flutter is considered to be one of that software. It is an open-source operating system that qualifies smooth and freely cross-platform mobile app development. Before the development of apps was expensive and for one idea you had to construct two apps separately which costs double your work.

 Flutter is a portable UI web-based tool set for constructing friendly-like apps in the mobile, web, and desktop from a single code base. Even if you are using a single code base, Flutter will behave simply and naturally. So that you do not have to write in the disparate code base for each platform, since Flutter is created to make it easier.

So, let’s read how this Flutter is trending the most in mobile app development given below:-

What is the past of Flutter? 

In the past, Flutter was known by the code name “Sky” and it ran first on the Android systems. Dart Language was used by them probably in the year 2015. Previously 2 versions of Flutter were released by Google on December 4, 2018. It was also known as Flutter 1.0, and later on December 11, 2019 Flutter 1.12 was released at the Flutter Interactive event.

Why is Flutter so popular?

The developers of Flutter enjoy the relaxation of a single-code-base because they can write a single code that will work without any problems in both Android and IOS and this is very useful to diminish the development time and cost easily. As Flutter was developed by Google so, there’s a huge audience present and it is very easy to gain fame from them.

Dart Programming Language is easier to learn and understand and thus Flutter got many profits. It is a very friendly software where Dart compiles into native code for an indistinguishable performance to native apps. 

Why Flutter development is best to create Hybrid Apps?

  • Instant run and support from Google– For the support of Google and getting released by Google, Flutter became a social matchmaking software developing apps. 
  • Rapid Development– Hot Reload feature of Flutter provides the experience of change to the developers and design creators as soon as possible which makes the development faster and provides rapid development of cross-platform applications. 
  • CostEffective– As Flutter takes only one code base for any type of app development, it helps to reduce the cost and time. This is very useful to those companies who use Flutter because they can allocate their budget logically and systematically.
  • Single Codebase– Only one code is required to develop an app and this increases speed by fifty percent. This single coding made the process easier and faster.
  • Animation– Except the React Native, Flutter provides a vast formation of built-in animations which the designers of the apps can use without having any effort. 
  • Readymade packages– All apps developed will be readymade ones without any obstacles and can be easily combined in the process of Flutter development and can be redesigned according to the needs. 
  • Performance– Many software do not match with the performance and speed in both Android and IOS, but Flutter is the only framework of cross-platform that compeers with the speed and the performance in both Android and IOS. 
  • Social Networking Apps– It is the best social networking apps development because it was released by Google and had gained space in a lot of communities. It can work faster in the market and can catch both Android and IOS users simultaneously. 
  • Security– Flutter uses Dart Language and it assembles into native code freely. That is why Flutter gives superior performance contrasted to the other frameworks of cross platforms. It provides the best class security than the other frameworks since it compiles into native code. 
  • Dart Language– Other software developers have to rely on Javascript, whereas Flutter depends only on Dart Language. It depends on Dart Language because Debugging in Dart is much easier compared to React native and also it provides great performance and high speed. 

Thus, this is why the Flutter software development is trending latest in the mobile app development and is becoming more popular as time ascends. Apart from this, before using this software you should read all the advantages and disadvantages of both Android and IOS. 

We hope that the given knowledge will be useful to help with the popularity of Flutter software development of cross platforms.

Other software development technologies are also available that can help you with your problem. However, flutter stands the top trending in the list, but if is very important to know all about its features before jumping in for development. So, go and surf more about and get prepared for your plans carefully. 

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