php web development

  PHP is the acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor an open source server side general purpose scripting language.

  1. Open source- Codes that are publicly accessible.
  2. Server-side- The instructions are given in a script that is executed by the web-server to produce a customized response to every user’s request.
  3. General-purpose- Can develop various applications.
  4. Scripting language- Incorporation of additional functions in the existing programming language.

PHP is popularly used in web development around the world. It is available on all major operating systems such as Windows, Microsoft, MacOS, and Linux and is used by all high-traffic websites, including Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and other E-commerce websites.

How do PHP works?

A PHP script is generally embedded into HTML (HyperText Transfer Protocol) codes. It is executed on the server and sends only the plain output back to the browser. Since it is an interpreted language, users don’t have to re-compile or make detailed changes in their source codes. 

The working of PHP can be understood in the following steps:

1) The user sends a page request to the web-server.

2) The server forwards that request to the PHP interpreter.

3) The interpreter now takes the data from the database and responds back to the server.

4) Lastly, the server gives the required result requested by the user.

The response is through HTML only; it is just that it happens because of PHP.

PHP applications are more suited to the users for designing dynamic web applications because the edits can be made on any server, and changes are seen right away. On the other hand, changes can’t be made as easily in traditional web applications, or else you have to restart the application from the base.

Why is PHP the best for web development?

Apart from being easily variable, various other factors make Hypertext Preprocessor the best in web development

Cost and Time: 

Because it is an open-source scripting language, developers can get started with PHP at zero cost. There are no additional licensing fees involved here. The source code for PHP is accessible under the General Public License. 

Another reason is that the same PHP codes can be used multiple times to develop different web applications and websites. Various built-in features allow the developers to make this task speedy and secure. Also, the availability of numerous PHP-based web solutions ensures the improvement of its functionality, thus saving a lot of time, effort, and cost. 

Flexibility and Versatility: 

The language of PHP offers a great amount of flexibility and can be customized to meet accurate web development needs. It allows the user can to write codes and combine them with different libraries to get the desired output. 

Since it forms the base of many additional codings of applications, it enables the developers to create versatile and newer web apps with experimentation. This also makes it relevant and in sync with the latest technological trends. PHP programmed applications are easy to update and refresh without much hassle or manual effort and can be easily scaled. 

Compatibility and Tools: 

PHP works perfectly with all kinds of operating systems. It is ideal for cross-platform development i.e., easily compatible with multiple operating systems on more than one type of hardware platform.

There are many tools readily present and accessible for developers seeking specific features of the language. PHP provides quite a number of extensions, enabling the output completely according to the customer’s expectations. 

Selection and Speed: 

 It allows you to connect with any and almost every kind of database. MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL are solid options for PHP-based database systems. It can also be very well used with some non-relational databases like Elastic Search, Redis, etc. There are no such limitations to using a particular database, thus making it the favorite of all developers.

Additionally, PHP makes websites and applications load faster as compared to other technologies, and it is around three times faster than Python. This factor of speed keeps the customers satisfied and makes their work easier and more reliable.

The language of PHP is easy to learn for newcomers and enables seasoned developers to build extensions on it very easily. The PHP platform is also simple and excellent for automated application maintenance. 

A lot of updates have been made since the time PHP came into existence, and now it is the strongest programming language. It is more user-friendly than ever and has a loyal community base vouching for it despite some claims of it being forgotten shortly.

Whether it’s the ease of learning, adaptability, assurance, or high quality, PHP surpasses other server-side programming languages and will not leave the title of being the best in the web development space anytime soon.

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