Product Validation

Validation is important generally in life and especially in any business or service. Talking about a product with people around you means that the product is worth their attention. But this can only be held true through a certain evaluation. Validation gives you the confidence to enter a new market, strengthens your commitment toward the business goal, and makes the action following it even more impact-full. Today, without a real product validation, the success plan of any business holds very little to no value. With the rapid technological advancement in the world and so many competitors in the same space, it is crucial for people to consider validation for their product’s success. 

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What is product validation?

The process of discovering the customer’s need and desire for a particular product you are building in the market is called product validation. You may or may not know how the product you have envisioned is going to be perceived by the people and if they are going to buy it. It is just an assumption before it is out in the market for people to experience. The right research, an intriguing MVP, developing a connection, the right marketing, proper pricing etc., are important factors that come into play while initiating product valuation. Also, for generating value within the fraternity, among the customers and kickstart sales, validation is extremely important.

Why is product validation important? 

There are a number of points that product validation brings to the table. Let’s have a look at few of them:

●       It will help you in getting a sense of whether you should spend time, effort and money in building the product:

There are a number of steps to take care of when you are building a product. The determination of whether the product is solving any problem or not, is it relevant to the customers or not, is it making a difference in its niche or not, is it better than similar products etc. can be determined with the help of product validation beforehand so there are no external costs and loss of money later. It also helps you in the correct division of the budget. So, by any chance, the risk is reduced. 

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●       It will help you in eliminating the guesswork:

The biggest advantage of product validation is that it makes the journey of a product authentic. Everything has to go through according to the factors that have been listed by the customers, for the customers. When you understand customer behavior and psychology and what they expect from the product, the error of building your product based on guesswork is already prevented. Surveys, questionnaires, word of mouth, feedback forms, follow-up calls, messages, emails etc., are a good way of keeping a sense of how the product is perceived. If it’s not according to what you expected, you will have the opportunity to rectify whatever is actually wrong with the product. 

●       It will help you in improving your product and making it better for the market:

The success of any product depends on the customer. Reaching out to customers, obtaining their feedback and using it in the actual world helps you check and recheck the working of the product. If it’s not according to the expectations, you will have the opportunity to rectify whatever is actually wrong with the product and maintain it afterward. Also, the first round of product validation doesn’t need to be a success, which is why you keep doing the rounds until you finally get the result. The benefit of trial and error process will be beneficial for both the product makers and the customers.

●       It will help you in connecting with the customers: 

Another advantage of product validation is that it helps in creating a customer base. When a product is put forward in the market and is open for feedback, the customers feel like the brand or the company cares and values what they have to say about the product. Listening to the complaints and grievances helps you better the product and helps develop the trust of the customers. In this way, the product, even before its arrival, makes its place in the customer’s mind and in the market. This trust is for a long period of time so that the customer only chooses your product over any other. 


The prediction of whether people are going to buy your product or not is made possible practically with the help of product evaluation. Businesses today are aware that the complete success of the product cannot be predicted before its actual launch, but the process of validation can act as the catalyst to that success.