Comparison of top 3 Best PHP Development Frameworks

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The most famous and widely used server side programming language is PHP and with the passage of time this language is being updated and evolved according to changing web development trends. This has made PHP more stable and better. PHP is used by giants like Face book, WP, etc and almost 82 % use this language for their server side coding.

Another huge benefit of PHP is that it is rich in amazing frameworks making it suitable for a variety of applications. Choosing a framework will help speed up your development stage, make it easier to maintain your code, provide security and help you get maximum output from minimum code.

The top PHP frameworks widely used by developers nowadays include Laravel, Symfony and Yii. We will compare these three in the following paragraphs:

Templating Engines

The Templating system aids the developer in programming the desired functionality with minim efforts. The Templating system for Symfony is termed as Twig and it helps the developers in writing code which is concise and clean making the developed applications more efficient.

Laravel uses blade Templating system which is known for its high performance when it comes to web or mobile based applications developed in PHP.

Yii does not utilize any default Templating system and it’s up to the developers to choose that which system they want to use along with this framework which makes it a flexible choice for the developers.

Differences between Laravel, Symfony and Yii

Symfony offers developers with a framework which utilizes reusable components in order to make it modular. It also supports a controller and a model for web development activities. Symfony is known to be most suitable for projects which are complex and require rapid development procedure.

Yii supports a number of third party components but its not as modular as symfony. Laravel framework does not provide developers with a modular approach but other than it’s a highly recommended choice due to its use and huge community.

Installation Procedure

All the PHP frameworks can be installed using a number of methods. If you prefer using a composer for installation, these three frameworks support that as well.

For Symfony installation, a composer plays a vital role and with the help of the dependency manager option of the PHP Composer this framework can be easily installed.

Yii is equipped with a basic template of web app which helps the developer in understating the installation procedure and other core functionalities and controls with ease.

Laravel is also quite simple to install and the Laravel install enables the developer to create an initial project in order to get familiar with the tools and options in the framework.

Rapid Development

Symfony is widely known for being a robust framework which supports quick development. Laravel is also growing at a very first pace and for beginners it offers the best support and learning material to start with.


The fastest PHP framework among these three is Yii. Laravel is slower as compared to Symfony but you can speed it up with the help of available online resources.

Database Support

Symfony offers the best database support as it can work with a wide range of commonly used database servers.

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