Why Artificial Intelligence matters for Technology Development?

Artificial Intelligence

Why Artificial Intelligence matters for Technology Development?

Some people feel that concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is complex and this is because they are unaware about it Artificial Intelligence is basically the machines designed and programmed in a way that they can think and behave like a human. Artificial Intelligence has become a significant portion of our everyday life. The technology is applied in the extensive area of day to day services. It targets to decrease human effort and make the human life easy. You may find people using this technology in different industries, in order to develop machine slaves to accomplish various activities. Moreover, the technology aims to give the instant and accurate result. It is anticipated that the technology will gradually introduce in almost every sector to cut out human effort and offer precise results. Let’s have a look at why AI is significant for technology development:

Artificial Intelligence is much more than just a technology:

AI is much more than just a “tool” that constantly improves, for example, you can look at the manufacturing processes. AI is more than a system to do predictions, which, in turn, directs to actions.

What, how and who we trust are being converted as AI becomes more incorporated into our regular lives. It may sound slightly far-fetched; however, there are lots of examples of the way in which we trust the algorithms, computer code, and software.

Usually when we purchase some products, make reservations, book accommodation, after going through the reviews and it is supported by recommendation algorithms. Moreover, people usually trust Wikipedia to get the correct information. Whenever we ask some questions on Google, we usually get the reliable answer. It happens that all of us have some residual doubt of giant tech companies; however, in our daily lives, we usually put that disbelief to one side and put trust in the technology.

One can think about the amount of time spent on interacting with devices that are running digital code. This type of interaction could be direct, ranging from interrelating with a computer or smartphone to going on to work on a subway system that is run automatically, all these in different ways. In these cases, the desired experience is felt with the help of computer code and the same offer the choice and structure linked with that experience.

Artificial Intelligence adds intelligence:

AI is capable to add intelligence to the existing products. You may find that in the majority of cases, AI is not sold as an individual application. Actually, the products which you already use would show enhancement with the help of AI capabilities. For instance, Siri was incorporated as a feature to the contemporary Apple products. Conversational platforms, automation, smart machines, and bots can be combined with huge amounts of data to incorporate enhancement in several technologies used at home and in the office, ranging from security intelligence to investment analysis.

Artificial Intelligence succeeds to achieve incredible accuracy in technological development:

You may not predict the level of accuracy which AI brings in. It has made possible the implementation of neural networks which was earlier impossible. For instance, the interactions of human with Alexa, Google Search, etc. are centered on deep learning and the more you use them, the more accurate it shows. It is found that in the medical field, AI techniques varying from image classification, deep learning, and object recognition can be used to diagnose cancer on MRIs with the similar level accuracy as provided by experienced radiologists.

Artificial Intelligence automates repetitive learning:

The idea of repetitive learning is mechanized with the help of AI and it also facilitates discovery through data. It is important to know that AI is unique as compared to the hardware-driven, robotic automation. As an alternative to mechanizing manual tasks, AI carries out recurrent, high-volume, and computerized tasks in a reliable manner. However, for this kind of automation, a human inquiry is necessary to set up the system and raise the right questions.

Artificial Intelligence attempts to get the most out of data:

Whenever algorithms are of self-learning type, the data can become intellectual property. The answers are present in the data itself and you only need to implement AI to get them. For the technological development, the role of the data is more significant than ever before, the outcome is that it can make a competitive advantage. If you own the best data, obtained through AI in a competitive industry, even though others are implementing similar techniques, your data will win.

Artificial Intelligence scrutinizes more and deeper data:

The implementation by AI makes use of neural networks that consist of lots of hidden layers. It is found that building a fraud detection mechanism with total five hidden layers was nearly impossible before few years. Presently, all these things have been modified with computer power and big data. You require a huge amount of data to guide deep learning models as they directly gain learning from the data. The more amounts of data you could feed them, the higher the accuracy you will get.

Artificial Intelligence adapt with progressive learning algorithms:

In order to allow the data to do programming, AI adapts the technique of progressive learning algorithms. It works to find structure and regularities within the data, in order that the algorithm gains a skill of being a predictor or a classifier. The algorithm can teach itself what product to recommend subsequently via online medium. The models seamlessly adapt whenever it is fed with new data. For instance, backpropagation is an AI technique which permits the model to adapt, with the help of training and data, whenever the first answer is not completely correct.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in different fields for technology development:

AI finds its applications in many different fields; let’s have a look at them:

Used in Organizations:

With a view to delivering business-critical results, there are many different organizations that apply AI to enhance speed and efficiency. Moreover, they use it to make an improvement in data processing and analytics, as well as to improve customer experience. Let’s have a look at the below categories of applications of AI, with the help of which, businesses are focusing to make improvements:

Service: In the area of service in the business, AI provides virtual customer assistance and triage, envisage maintenance and imminent repair needs, link customers to service staff and analyze process gaps.

Sales and marketing: In this area, AI works to customize the sales process, tailor the communications to clients, equate sales staff to purchasers and provide personalized pricing as well.

Office: In this, AI can seamlessly trace and link to expertise, analyze and redirect compliance errors, provides support to meetings with action items, as well as improve digital agility.

Supply chain: Recognized as one of the crucial areas in businesses, Ai works in this are to discover and fix data errors, find out risks present in the supply chain, raise insights from IoT based devices in the field as well as plan logistics.

Used in Medical Science:

AI technology works relentlessly to change the face of medical science, in a positive manner. In this field, there are many applications in which AI is applied. It is utilized to develop a virtual personal healthcare assistant. Moreover, they are also used for research as well as analytics. AI supports the implementation of healthcare bots to provide customer support. You may now find that bots are used for planning an appointment in hospitals. Is the greatest benefit is that it provides 24/7 assistance.

Used in mobile app development:

During the time when mobile apps and smartphones have just begun getting consideration among users, the iOS, as well as Android apps, were completely fragmented. But, device manufacturers and the app developers do not wish the users to continue scrolling among the thousands of apps available in Android and iOS app stores. This implies that constant efforts are done to make sure there are effortless easy navigation and the searching system being implemented. Moreover, these efforts show that AI seamlessly fits into the scenario, particularly when it is serving the developers as well as users the control of voice to accomplish the tasks.

You may not know but there is lots of apps to simplify the life of people. Also, it is true that mobile app users usually prefer to use user-friendly apps and with the help of Artificial Intelligence, these apps are designed to save time and meet personalized needs. For example, the company -Start bucks had launched an app named as My Starbucks Barista. While using this app, a person only needs to instruct the app what they need and in return, the app would simply post the order, depending on the preferences suggested.

The aspect that makes the AI technology to be more compatible is its integration into the mobile phone apps with the fact that the smartphones recognize everything regarding their user.

Concluding Note:

As discussed above, AI finds its application in many different fields for the purpose of technological enhancement, so it matters a lot for the technological development. The research and development work is already going on in this direction.