Why Django, Python Web Development Framework is Ideal Choice

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We all know that Python is one of the most widely used programming languages today. For many years it has held the top position as the Most Popular Coding Language in the World. Python delivers superb performance when it comes to Efficiency and Readability when compared to other programming languages like Java, C++, and PHP. That is why it is the favorite Programming Language among developers and programmers.

People or programmers who switched to Python from Java, C or Perl had no issues in getting a hold of it. The learning curve for them is nonexistent but this convenience of switching and learning also makes people to not consider Python as a necessary Programming Skill. However, this is totally wrong. Whether you are starting a new company, or you are trying to secure a job, Python related skills can push you to great heights.

Django is the development framework which has been programmed using python and contains a variety of astounding developer-friendly features. Django web development has become quite famous among developers of this era due to the amazing features offered by this framework.

The advantages of Django web development framework, which is based on python are listed below:

1.    Python is Easy:

If you ask programmers about the easiest language that they came across, the answers would be Python by most of them. This is true because python is designed for newbies. It reads and is written like kindergarten math and is understandable by any person who doesn’t have any background in programming languages or coding.

Python uses a lot of Whitespace and Common Expressions, this simplifies programming and coding to a great deal as compared to other programming languages like Java or C++. On the other hand, if you are good with python, then go even further by picking up as many libraries as you can and learn Django in order to make yourself more marketable.

2.    Python enables you to build more functions using fewer lines of Code:

Python is quick to learn. With a little bit of learning and practice you can get up to speed in like 2 days only and this is for a person who has absolutely no programming language knowledge. The Readability and efficiency of Python Programming Language also make it Novice Friendly. Suppose you need to write a program to print “Hello World” this will require a lot of overheads in Java but in Python, it is as simple as (Print “Hello, World!”). So this simplicity is the major component that enables Users to do more with fewer lines of Code.

3.    Python can be the stepping stone for learning other Languages:

Python development can serve to be the stepping-stone for developers who are new to the world of programming because Object-Oriented Principles of Python are compatible with many other languages like Ruby, Perl, C, and JavaScript. Hence as a result, once you have mastered concepts and principles of Python, many other languages based on the same principles will automatically come to you, hence enabling you to focus on the Syntax of these Languages.

4.    Messing Up is Hard in Python:

The amazing Beauty of Python apart from Simplicity is the golden rules the language is built on. These Rules Include:

•    Less is more

•    Readability is Important

•    Clarity is better than implied

•    The complex is fine, but not complicated

These rules or tenets are known as “The Zen of Python” and were written by Tim Peters and are inspired by Van Rossum (Python’s Benevolent Dictator for Life).

5.    Building Prototypes is best with Python:

Building Prototypes and Ideas is quick and easy with Python because it lets you achieve more with lesser codes. In the World of Web Development, Ideation is something that is often overlooked. Coming up with feasible Prototypes at a much faster rate can help you to save time, money and to keep your Customers Satisfied.

6.    Python and Django are Huge at Fintech:

Fintech Revolution has led to a widespread explosion of new companies. These companies got the innovation of Silicon Valley and the Funding Machinery from Wall Street. In simple words, it is a new sector that combines technology with Money and this Fintech Industry is the biggest contributor towards the increase of demand for python programmers. Python beats PHP, C++, IOS, and others according to a survey on the most popular languages of 2016, as it is the fastest growing language in Fintech.

7.    The flexibility of Python is great:

There are a number of Python implementations and integrations with other programming languages available. Some Examples are:

•    JPython, A version of Python with Java Language.

•    CPython, the integrated version with C.

•    IronPython, Designed to be compatible with .NET and C#.

•    RubyPython, Python combined with Ruby.

•    PyObjc, Objective-C Toolkits written into Python.

This enables you to use Python easily in changing and different Scenarios.

8.    Tons of Resources Available:

With Python Language in your arsenal, you can’t get stuck in rut because of the huge number of resources available that are constantly updated as well. So many Programs are written in Python due to being equipped with an extensive library of built-in functions. It also has a built-in Unittest Framework in order to test and ensure that code works as intended.

9.    Django is Amazing (A high-level Python Web Framework):

Django is the most popular and amazing Web framework for Python. Pyramid and Flask are also Popular Frameworks. Python Web Frameworks also include Grok, Zope2, Web2py and Turbo Gears. But perhaps the ability to use and work with Django is the biggest advantage of learning Python. With Django Framework you can model your Domain and Code Classes. You already get an ORM so you can focus all your efforts on User Interface.

10.    In the Era of IOT (Internet of Things), Python is a hot Commodity:

The rise of IoT app development (Internet of Things) has introduced countless opportunities for Python Programmers. Credit-Card Sized Computers and platforms like Raspberry Pi, allow developers to build innovative and exciting devices like phones, Radios, Cameras, and even Video Games.

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