Why Python is so Popular among Developers?


Python is a dynamic programming language which is gaining huge popularity among developers due to its amazing features. It is an object-oriented and open source programming language which can be utilized in order to develop a wide range of supplications such as scripting, development and testing. It has been used by top organizations like Google, Quora, Drop box, Mozilla, IBM, etc.

Amazing features of Python

The useful features of Python which have made it one of the most commonly used programming languages are listed below:

Ease of Learning

The syntax of Python is simple making it one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Especially new coders prefer python due to its high reliability and flexibility. According to experts you can achieve so much using this language with the help of a small code. It is easy to understand and free from complexities like declaring variable types, arguments, etc as all such functionalities are handled by Python itself.

Big Data and Computing Solutions

Python is one of the most popular languages utilized in data sciences due to its support for big data and cloud computing solutions. Python is also used in various modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning due to the fact that it’s easy to organize you can comfortably analyze usable data with the help of this programming language.

Amazing Libraries

Libraries are very important in order to handle huge projects as they help in saving time and speeding up the development procedure. The excellent libraries of python include NumPy, SciPy, Django and several other which help in robust development procedure.

Libraries for other modern functionalities like natural language processing and machine learning are also provided in Python. In addition to that library like tools are also available due to which the applications development on this amazing programming language are cross-platform friendly.

Reliable and Efficient

Python is a speedy, efficient and reliable programming language. The applications built using python can be deployed in almost any kind of environment and the performance of these applications also stays consistent irrespective of the type of environment it has been deployed on.

It is a versatile programming language and can be utilized across different domains including web application development, desktop apps, mobile based applications, hardware, and many others. The experience also remains unchanged across all these domains while using python.


Python is considered one of the most easily accessible programming language as it’s easy to write a code in with the help of its simple syntax which sounds like natural language. It also helps you develop and execute codes quickly.

Large Developer Community

The developer community of Python is huge as it is being used in wide range of applications including video games, AI applications, enterprise apps, productivity tools, etc. The documentation and developers guide regarding python is easily available making it easier for new coders to adopt this language.

The developer community associated with python is also extremely active and available for healthy support and can prove to be very helpful in case you face any issues while python development.

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