Why Python is Better than Other Programming Languages

There are a lot of coding languages to learn but Python is one of the top-most programming languages because it was created with simplicity in mind. As a newbie, you might have been surprised “Why Python is superior to other languages?” If you have been surprised by such a question, the solution is provided here.

What is Python?

Python is one of the best programming languages that can be utilized for a variety of applications. It is an all-purpose coding language that involves high-level data structures, dynamic binding, typing, and many more.

Instead of these, Python is one of the beginner-friendly coding languages. It works as a gateway to the programming world. Guido van Rossum developed Python in 1991. It was formed with a focus on the readability of code, and its syntax allows programmers to indicate their concepts in some lines of code which makes it the quick-expanding coding language in recent times.

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Why Python is so in demand?

For the former few years, python has shown incredible outgrowth in the coding world. The basic fact that drives Python’s booming demand is: It is an open-source coding language. Any person can download it and use it to create an application. It has been applied to numerous universal projects at Google, YouTube, and many more.

Here are also other reasons for Python’s acceptance.

  • Easy to learn and code
  • Has a supportive, active, and healthy community
  • Support from great corporate sponsors
  • Amazing Frameworks and Libraries
  • Big Data, Machine Learning, and cloud computing
  • Speed, Versatile and reliable

Why you should learn Python?

You must know why you should learn Python and what is the significance of learning Python programming. Here are some reasons are given below

  1. Python is a versatile language. It supports several different programming paradigms and has an automatic memory management system for easy handling.
  2. Python is growing fast with high demand. It is used in numerous industries and business applications. The explosive use in data science, AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning has increased Python’s popularity.
  3. Python is a high-level programming language since it is simple to comprehend in comparison to other languages like JavaScript, Java, and other similar languages, one can easily learn and code in Python hardly in hours. Along with this, it is also a developer-friendly language.
  4. The primary goal of Python is to give simplicity and to get rid of complexity.
  5. Python allows you to access the database easily and has the flexibility to run with other coding languages.
  6. Graphical Users interfaces can be created using a module like PyQt5, or PyQt4 in Python.
  7. It is open-source and the public can download it.
  8. Additionally, a lot of companies look to hire python developers in order to build powerful applications.

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Why Python is the best coding language

Python is the best coding language because of the following characteristics:

  • High-level language
  • Simple Syntax
  • Do more with less code
  • User-friendly data structures
  • Support libraries and third-party modules

Comparison between Python and Other Programming Languages

A flexible coding language that provides various features. It is a rapid-growing language these days due to its concise syntax and open-source nature. Python also promotes the comprehensibility of programs. Several Other opportunities in Python give it superiority over other languages such as C++ and Java. It is compared to other interpreted languages frequently. This comparison makes language issues centralized.

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Python vs Java

  1. In comparison to Java, there is no need for curly braces and semicolons in Python.
  2. Python interpreter detects the data type on itself but in Java, we have to mention it.
  3. Python supports several platforms but Java is completely based on class-based programming models.
  4. Python is easy to understand and learn. But Java is difficult due to its predefined complex syntax.
  5. Python code is available to everyone. Java required a paid license to be used.
  6. Python code is very easy to execute as compared to Java. Java first compiles to byte code and then needs to be compiled by Java virtual machine-to-machine code.

Python vs C++

  • Python supports garbage collection and is more memory efficient. It has an automatic garbage collection feature but C++ does not hold up garbage collection.
  • Python code is simple to write but C++ is hard to comprehend.
  • Due to the smaller code size python is easily used for the fastest application development but in C++ it is impossible to use because of its large code fragments.
  • Python code readability is more than C++ code.
  • In C++ scope of variables is limited as compared to Python because in Python variables are easily accessible outside the loop.

Final Thoughts

Learning Python not only updates you with special skills but also provides you with the ability to design something you love with the help of Python development company. So you may use Python coding for developing both web and desktop applications. It is created with special features to facilitate data analysis and visualization.

Python promotes readability and implementation of programs that make it a quick-growing coding language in recent times.