Advantages Of Flutter App Development 2023


Advancements in technology have led to the invention of smarter phones and intelligent mobile based applications. Mobile apps are getting more famous with each passing day and the most commonly used platforms for these devices include android and IOS. Previously for building different apps developers needed to program them in Android as well as IOS separately which require more time and resources. This led to the introduction of cross-platform app development methodology on order to develop mobile apps which can run of various platforms.

What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter is a SDK developed by Google which utilizes Dart programming language and provides developers with an efficient kit to develop cross-platform applications. The mobile apps development using Flutter can be successfully run on all commonly used mobile platforms such as Android, IOS and Google Fuchsia.

Flutter was released in the year 2018 and it is now being widely used by mobile application developers as it provides amazing features and API support. Flutter works upon the reactive development architecture and using this SDK the UI content is automatically updated when the variables in code are changed.

Advantages of Flutter

Flutter by Google is an open source technology for development of native mobile based applications. It is a complete kit which contains all the required features for building up cross platform compatible applications. The advantages of using Flutter are listed below:

Amazing widgets

Flutter is rich in readymade and custom built widgets which make it faster and easier to develop desired features and functionalities. These widgets are used for building up the user interface of the mobile based applications using various layouts, views, controllers, etc.

Different widgets can be combined together to create an interactive and user friendly UI and you can also customize these widgets according to your requirements. The widgets in flutter are organized in the form of trees and require rendering while building up the user interface.

Hot Reload

One of the most developer friendly and interactive features of flutter is the hot reload which enables them to view all the changes that have been made in the code. Developers can also fix bugs using this feature as well as add new features quickly and experiment with the existing functionalities. This feature also encourages better collaboration of designers and developers and makes the app’s UI better and attractive. 

As fast as Flutter is, it also turns into a huge file size, which is another problem for Flutter developers. In most cases, businesses hire Flutter app developers in India in order to create cross-platform apps faster and at a much lower cost than native applications.

Cross-platform development

One of the most prominent pros of flutter is that it allows you to built applications which are compatible to run of various different platforms using the same code base.

Easy to set-up

You can set-up flutter easily and it does not much time to settle as well. In addition to that, flutter does not take require you to have a powerful machine.

Native features access

Some mobile applications require access of native applications such as camera, maps, geo-location, etc and flutter allows the developers to reuse existing Java, Swift and Objective C code in order to access the native mobile applications.

Dart Language

Dart has the same features as JAVA making it easy for mobile application developers to shift to this language and develop apps robustly.

Machine Learning in Business

Machine Learning in Business

Machine learning has been evolving at a rapid rate in the recent past thanks to the fuel provided by new technology. Businesses are embracing it in a never-before-experienced rush. All this can only be attributed to the numerous benefits that come with it that any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition will want to tap into. Let’s look deeper into Machine learning (ML) to understand how you can apply it in your business and the benefits you stand to enjoy when you use it.

What is Machine learning (ML)?

This is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that involves building systems that learn using data and algorithms and gradually improve performance and accuracy. To perform better large amounts of data are required.

Algorithms are trained to make predictions when uncovering insights after mining large amounts of data. The insights will then help in decision-making within businesses and applications. 

Benefits of machine learning in business

Machine learning helps in extracting insights from huge amounts of raw data. This can be leveraged to predict and try to understand customer behavior which can be an advantage to a business. Let’s look at the benefits that your business stands to gain when you adopt ML.

Product recommendation

You have probably experienced this before. You are browsing through Amazon and decide to read a product description like let’s say of an iPad. Then the next day you are on Facebook, and you see an advert for the same iPad. That is ML at its best. The technology allows marketers to tinker with the way they market, trying to get the best out of every marketing opportunity. This has had a big impact on eCommerce, as marketers can tailor their strategies making them more effective and in the process leading to huge savings in marketing costs.

Optimizing market campaigns and detecting spam

Segmentation of customers and personalizing content have optimized market campaigns. The message is more personalized and relatable, and will most likely touch on the preference of the customer due to insights offered by ML. This will lead to more conversions as compared to outdated cold pitching market campaigns.

Spam detection has also greatly benefited from machine learning. Previously, email service providers used to depend on specific laid-down rules to classify a message as spam. ML in faster ways than ever before is filtering messages by automatically generating new rules using neural networks.

Customer lifetime value prediction

By having large amounts of customer data, today’s business can generate valuable business insights. Analyzing this huge amount of data can provide insights into the customers’ purchasing habits, requirements, and demands. Getting to know your customer lifetime value is valuable in that it will help you create personalized offers to them based on their purchasing and browsing histories.

Eliminates manual data entry

Erroneous and duplicated data are among the major things businesses are facing today. These errors can, however, be avoided by using ML or predictive modeling methods. As a result, employees can concentrate on assisting the business in other roles.


ML and AI are also dominating the recruitment of employees. They have greatly advanced since their introduction, and are now helping reduce repetitive tasks, speeding up lots of processes and in the process end up saving lots of time. AI-enabled HRMs are also available, enabling businesses to develop job search engines, browse resumes effectively, identify the most qualified individuals, and conduct interviews without candidates having to come to the office.

Financial analysis

Using ML algorithms, financial analysts can complete tasks like calculating costs and estimating spending. Stock traders also rely on ML algorithms to predict the market before entry. For this process to be done accurately, historical data is examined to come up with the expected scenario. Using these timely and accurate projections, organizations can also maximize their profits and control their overall costs.

Diagnosis of medical conditions

By using successful treatment strategies and unique diagnostic tools, ML has assisted in medical diagnosis leading to reduced healthcare costs and improving patients’ health. Medical organizations which include hospitals and clinics apply it to prescribe medications, predict readmissions, provide near-perfect diagnoses and identify high-risk patients. The data that provides these insights is from patients’ records, symptoms, and other ethically sourced data sources.

Strengthening cyber security

In recent years, cybercrime has been on an upward trajectory in sophistication and the devastation caused. Money is no longer the only thing at risk but crucial and sensitive data is always on the line too. Breaching of sensitive data can be detrimental to an organization’s reputation. That is why modern analytic systems for data security have embraced ML. Now administrators can monitor activities watching for odd user behavior like breaches, fraud, and unauthorized access, among other issues. For financial organizations, these ML systems are so valuable.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Using ML predictive algorithms can give spot-on product recommendations to customers using previously collected data on them. Insights on customer behavior can also be retrieved from previous calls allowing an ML system to accurately assign the customer to the most suitable customer service representative. These all will contribute to an overall satisfactory customer experience. In ML incorporating voice cloning and realistic text-to-speech capabilities further redefine the landscape of customer interactions. Through innovative AI technology, customer service interactions are elevated to new heights of personalization.

Image recognition

ML is helping businesses make sense out of images. This aspect of ML has a wide range of use including in automated cars and facial recognition security systems. Supermarkets are using image recognition too to ensure all items are removed from shopping carts to reduce unintentional loss of sales, retailers are also using robots with computer vision and ML to scan shelves to determine items running out of stock or those misplaced.


Machine learning is a tool that all businesses are going to have to apply in one way or another in the not-distant future. The benefits are immense and greatly help reduce losses due to human error and maybe bias. But to be able to fully benefit from its many advantages, don’t make a rush decision and put the needs and goals of your company first  to make the right decision and not just one that is popular in your industry.

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How to Successfully Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Your Business

Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is definitely changing our daily life. And from the look of things AI is here to stay. As a business looking to maintain its competitive edge, AI is the way to go. But before adopting it, there are a few considerations you need to make. This article discusses them to make your AI implementation as seamless as possible.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI can be described as the simulation of human intelligence into machines to carry out tasks that we normally rely on human beings to do. It can further be subdivided into three:

Weak AI

This is the most common type of AI and we experience it almost daily in our lives. It focuses on one task and has limitations it cannot perform beyond.

Strong AI

This type of AI understands and can learn intellectual tasks that human beings perform.

Super AI

This type surpasses human intelligence and can perform tasks better than human beings. It is still a concept and has not been achieved.

Tips on Implementing AI in Your Business

Below are a few considerations to put in mind when implementing AI in your business:

Differentiate Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

The two terms are often used interchangeably. But they have a difference as far as the application is concerned. Once you understand the difference between these two then you can decide on the one that best suits your business.

Define Your Business Needs

You need to know what you want to achieve by adopting AI. Define the problems you intend to solve using AI. Answering the following questions will be a great start. How can AI help your business to move toward success? How will you measure success? What outcomes do you expect to see?  Answering these questions will help you to better define your business needs and help you decide on the best solution for your company.

Prioritize the Main Drivers of Value

Don’t lose sight of your main value drivers. As much as better business results are always the target, prioritize your drivers of value too. The value drivers can be improved employee productivity or increased value for your customers.

Ensure you also don’t implement solutions based on popularity. Instead, analyze how a solution will fit into your business processes and whether it will boost your operations in the long term.

Evaluate Your Internal Capabilities

There is a difference between what you want to achieve and what you as an organization can achieve within a certain time frame. Before launching AI, you as a business should know what you are capable of and what you are not capable of from a business and tech perspective.

Evaluating your internal capabilities will let you know what things you may need to acquire first or what processes may need to evolve first before adopting AI. This will ensure the adoption of AI is seamless when you are finally ready.

Use experts and set up a pilot project

Once you feel that your business is now ready to embrace AI from the organizational and tech point of view, then it is time to build. The secret is to start small, with all project goals in mind. Ensure you use experts or AI consultants. Create a team with both internal and external people. The internal people know about the business and the external people will bring knowledge about AI making the implementation of the project easier.

The pilot project can have timelines of between 2-3 months after which you can now decide on what the long-term project will be and the value your business stands to gain.

Create a Taskforce to Integrate Data

Before implementing AI you need to clean your data. Corporate data is usually stored in different data silos and may be in the hands of different business groups. To better access all this data it is advisable to create a cross-business task force to integrate all the data and sort out all inconsistencies to ensure you have rich and accurate data before rolling out AI. 

Start Small

For a start begin with applying AI to a small portion of your data. You can then gradually expand as you continue learning the value it is creating for your business and also from the feedback collected from customers. In the beginning, you can pick a specific problem you want AI to solve and then focus on that instead of throwing all data at it.

Storage Should be Part of Your  AI Plan

As you grow from a small sample of data to full AI implementation, you will need to put your storage requirements into consideration. This is because to fully enjoy the benefits of AI you will require huge volumes of data. That is why you will be required to consider the inclusion of optimized and fast storage from the beginning. Take time to review your options as this will have a huge and positive impact when your system is finally online.

Incorporate AI in Your Daily Tasks

With the automation and additional insight that AI offers, workers should harness AI as a tool of their daily routine rather than something that replaces their routine. The company should be transparent on how AI will work to solve issues in workflow. This helps employees to visualize how AI augments their role and not replace them.


Incorporating AI into an organization is some serious work that requires tact. It will require deep knowledge of AI, time, money, and dedication for it to be successful. Before implementing it, also focus on the business needs you intend to solve and not just because it is a popular option. This together with the other few considerations discussed will ensure the process is successful and your business gets to benefit from this technology.

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Best Payment Gateway Providers for your E-Commerce Websites & Apps

Payment Gateway best ones

Payment Gateways are, without any doubt, one of the most important technologies ever created. These Payment Solutions are technical gateways to a wide array of benefits and convenience and these have changed the face of finance and business dramatically. These Gateways will continue to alter the world of business and finance as we know them today.

Before Online Payments were a thing, there was no secure and reliable way of transferring important payment information between payment portals. And so purchases and orders took much more time to complete than they do in today’s world. This issue was solved by payment gateways, bringing in the convenience that we enjoy today.

In purchasing and Transaction management system, Payment Gateways accomplish several Crucial Tasks. These Gateways does not transmit the payments as this is the role of Dedicated Payment Processors. Instead, these Gateway Solutions makes the authorization of the funds being transferred to the seller and do so in a very Convenient and Secure Manner. They are delivered as independent or as integrated modules and are part of a large financial suite. Here they take on the responsibility to process money, Performing AVS checks, Verifying Accounts, Analyze Velocity Patterns and Calculation of Tax Amounts.

Nowadays there are so many powerful and Popular Payment Gateways available in the market that it is hard to choose the best one. The matter of whom to trust with your sensitive and confidential payments information is a crucial one and requires a lot of thinking. So, to help you out on this matter we have formulated a comprehensive Guide, please have a look.


On top of our list is Stripe, an amazing online payment platform that is created by industry experts by establishing partnerships with members of the wider payment industry. This includes expected partners like local banks, PCI Council, Major Card Networks and Unexpected partners like Internet Browser providers, W3C, Industry Associations, etc.

This is a highly Developer-Centric platform that allows for rapid building of production-ready integrations with latest tools, like react components to Real-Time Webhooks. Stripe ensures that less time is invested in the maintenance of legacy systems and the major focus is on Core Product and Customer Experience.

Salient Features:

Customized Checkout Experience:

User Interface Toolkit provides you with elements from Stripe’s Collective Experience for Design, front end and Analytics. You can use these to build and customize your own preferred payment forms. Checkout can be embedded onto your Website with only a single line of JavaScript.

Secure Payment Processing:

In order to optimize revenues, Stripe Optimizes routine paths by direct Integration with Card Networks like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. This Pre-Processing increasing Success rate and decreases Latency. This also reduces the chances of fraud and chargebacks by adding an additional layer of authentication. It also features an automatic dispute handling system which submits evidence efficiently in case of disputes.

Multiple Payment Options:

Stripe offers a number of options so that you can support the Payment Gateway preferred by your Customer. It enables you to have a global approach by processing payments for all major debit and credit cards for different countries. Digital Wallet options like Amex, Alipay, Apple Pay, and Express Checkout can also be availed by customers who like to have a convenient way of payments without the need to share their card information.

PayPal Payments Pro

Payments Pro marks the Ultimate successful attempt by PayPal to introduce a payment processing service for those E-Commerce Users who do not have a PayPal Account. This End-to-End Platform supports Cards from Master, Visa, American Express, Discover, Express as well as PayPal and PayPal Credit Payments.

This Platform relies on an open API Infrastructure and integrates easily with any Marketplace / Shopping Cart Solution. This also enables Phone-Based Credit Card payments and provides an invoicing kit that is useful in charging customers right away. It is widely used by both smaller businesses and Market leaders, boosting a customer account base of 184 Million.

Salient Features:

PayPal Solution that doesn’t require the user to have a PayPal account:

This platform was developed to provide support to E-Commerce Users by allowing them to accept debit card and credit card payments and rewards form users without the need of having a PayPal account.

Fast Mobile Payments:

PayPal payments Pro breaks the barriers of computers and desktop devices by enabling users to receive money using their mobile devices. You can turn your mobile device into a moneymaking machine without the need for any complex login procedures and sending recurrent invoices.

Integration with Payment Gateways:

PayPal Payments Pro is capable of working seamlessly with all the popular E-Commerce solutions, Sales Management Tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions and Accounting Systems. Also, it connects to all major Shopping Carts on the market.

Amazon Payments

Amazon also offers a streamlined and Secure Payment Service for Clients. This service by Amazon boasts a similar reputation to that of PayPal Payments Pro and is available to both merchants and shoppers to facilitate them in their online purchases. This service works with the information you have already provided while creating your Amazon Account for Check-Ins and Check-Outs.

After a single Log-In, the Customer is identified and enabled to complete transactions. This functionality is available on Mobile devices as well and Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee makes all transactions hundred percent secure. Amazon does not charge any extra fee for this Guarantee but does charge a fixed percentage on the amount you are transferring just like many other such services.

Salient Features:

A-Z Guarantee and Protection Plan:

The best thing about Amazon and the one it is known for is the implementation of strict and robust protocol when it comes to information security. Amazon’s System boasts a security setup that incorporates Fraud detection and provides protection to merchants.

Retail First:

Amazon Payments is designed with Online Sellers and Retailers in mind, who want to provide a better and smoother shopping experience to customers. This package is loaded with features and tools that are designed to capture new customers turning them into shoppers by streamlining their shopping process. This greatly enhances Customer Loyalty.

Better Conversion rates:

Amazon enables merchants to streamline their customer’s checkout process, this results in lesser cart abandonment and better retaining of visitors converting them to loyal shoppers. This simplified shopping experience works well on both desktop devices and mobile devices and makes it easy for the user to browse through shopping websites, pick what he or she wants and pay without the hassle of carts and checkouts.


Braintree can be your All-in-One Payment processing partner, no matter what your scale and industry are. It enables clients to accept, process, send and split payments to maximize their business potential hence increasing revenues. Braintree got a partnership with PayPal and its best feature is the seamless checkout experience it provides. This develops a sense of confidence and safety that makes customers return again and again. Braintree also equips your systems with sophisticated tools to manage risks of fraud.

Salient Features:

Braintree Vault

With the help of this feature, sensitive data can be stored on a highly secure system that the platform provides, hence keeping the Business PCI-Compliant. It also packs features that eliminate the hassle of re-entering the payment information of customers each time they want to make a purchase.

Customizable Checkout Flow:

With Braintree, you get to tailor checkout flows the way you want while remaining compliant with PCA SAQ A, using Braintree’s easy to use Payment APIs. This is possible for Applications and Web providing the unrestricted potential for an adaptive and highly secure system that complies with all the applicable standards. 

Global Market Reach:

Braintree’s integration enables users to have access to a global market reach, covering more than 40 countries and support for more than 130 currencies supported worldwide. Other benefits that users enjoy include fraud protection and settlements. On top of all this, there is no foreign exchange or cross-border fees involved.


This platform is most suited to Service and Retail Environments, which are looking for a Gateway Solution that works in tandem with their Order Management Systems. It is developed to help businesses sell more in online stores as well as in local stores. That is why it covers your full-time staff, stores and organizes data to help you fight against frauds without the need for constant checks and reviews.

Authorize.Net has established itself as one of the pioneer performers in this industry by earning the trust of Small and Medium-sized Businesses. It provides them with a Secure and Affordable Payment Solution that is delivered as a package that also includes a Free POS Mobile Application for IOS and Android platforms, a free website payment seal and a Kit of tools for fraud prevention.

Salient Features:


Authorize.Net can be used as a Personalized Virtual Point of Sales System (VPOS) in a Retail based Setting. This platform also provides the option of integrating with your POS, if you already have a good one in place.

Customer Integration Manager (CIM):

The CIM or Customer Integration Manager supported by this platform enables you to tokenize and store sensitive customer information on’s secure servers. This simplifies the payment process for recurring transactions and frequent customers and ensures compliance with the PCI DSS.

Robust Online Payment System: Online Payment system is capable of accepting Cards and Electronic cheques from Websites and automatically deposits funds into the Merchant’s Bank Account. This results in time and cost saving for Small to Medium Sized Businesses.


WePay works as an integrated payment gateway that is developed to support the distinct requirements of Omnichannel, POS and Web-based requirements of Software Applications. Its design allows for quick, secure and seamless onboarding and processing. This payments Solution provides the needed flexibility to software businesses to optimize their operations and to meet their desired objectives. For example, it allows businesses to customize their online platform based on their Brand and pricing structure, this helps in promoting the business model.

Salient Features:

POS Solutions to boost sales:

You can use this platform’s Mobile Card Readers and SDKs to develop your POS business easily and quickly. WePay offers smartphone and tablet supported tools that help merchants to increase in-person payments for their sales operations.

Instant Onboarding:

It requires only an Email Address to Sign-up, this allows merchants to get on board fast and easy so they can start accepting payments immediately.  When it comes to securing and enhancing the Underwriting and Sign-up procedures, you can schedule to collect important Know Your Customer (KYC) data from clients at a later time.

Complete Payment Risk Coverage:

WePay steps forward and provides a hundred percent protection to clients against their exposure to risks like chargebacks and losses like those occurring from scams. Also, by protecting customer data and payments, it helps businesses to gain OFAC, KYC and PCI compliance.


BlueSnap provides a dedicated payment processor for Retailers and merchants. It enables payments for E-Commerce, Mobile and Websites and can be integrated with all popular shopping carts and marketplace platforms. It can also be used to develop unique Desktop and Mobile Applications for Invoicing, SaaS, Gaming and much more.

BlueSnap helps you to expand your E-Commerce development operations by providing support for 100 different currencies through 110 Payment Types and 29 different languages. It is active and fully functional in more than 180 countries and can connect automatically to a vast network of Global Banks.

Salient Features:

Multiple Payment Options:

This platform helps in increasing income because it enables integration with PayPal, VISA, ApplePay, Discover, MasterCard, and many other platforms, providing shoppers with tons of payment options and hence enabling businesses to accept more payments from both Domestic and International Customers.

International E-Commerce Friendly System:

This platform was designed with a focus on cross-border E-Commerce systems. This results in integration with acquiring banks around the world. Customers can enjoy automatic transaction routing to an acquiring back that is the best option available for the shopper.

Powerful Analytical Components:

Analytics is an important component of any Business and BlueSnap offers an array of payment based analytical tools for greater insight and transparency. It allows you to generate Real-time Sales, Revenue, Affiliate Reports, and Compare and optimize order pages and to study all facets of conversion performance.

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Why Laravel is Preferred over other Platforms for PHP Web Development?

Laravel development india

For any application to develop, choosing the right framework can be a very difficult task. There are many PHP development frameworks available. However, developers prefer Laravel as it has a set of PHP files that facilitates programming with PHP, also it provides the additional features and capabilities using which makes it easy to implement functions and methods to do the work.

It was built in February 2012 by Taylor Otwell using the best practices recommended by most experienced developers with security in mind. Laravel programming is one of the powerful PHP development frameworks to build web applications like e-commerce websites and more. It is designed with simple and modern toolkit such as eloquent ORM, painless routing, powerful queue library, and simple authentication for creating full-featured techniques with the web application. it is a very stable, open source, and MVC supported framework that can keep the web application that is built on it very responsive.

Laravel is the ultimate PHP framework for web development and has 51192 repositories on GitHub making it the best PHP framework of 2019.

Here are some of the key features of Laravel which is why it is preferred by web developers over other platforms for developing web applications.

Open source platform:

Laravel has a strong community of developers. The benefit of being an open source is that you free yourself from vendors locking. As an open source platform, you are free to work with open standards with external components that are not provided by the vendor. It’s developed by a far larger community of laravel developers; it’s tested by a far larger community wherever it could be.

Another advantage of open source platform is that it is constantly being updated with more new features and its active community provides more extendable and flexible support than ever provided by any vendor.

Laravel has a great community meetup called Laracon with 6000 plus Laravel developers. They regularly conduct meetups in different big cities all over the world to share the experience and best practices with other developers.

Biyearly update system:

Laravel releases its updates biyearly. That means almost every six months it releases its own new version. This makes Laravel a topic of interest for Laravel developers because every time they release a new version they include great functionality to it. On the previous release of Laravel version 5.7, they have added 10 to 12 new features. And also in the new release in Feb 2019, there are maybe 4 or 5 new functions in the Laravel 5.8.


Laravel comes with many official packages including Cashier, Envoy, Horizon, Passport, Scout, Socialite. This means for almost every feature you want to use, you can have a package for that. And that’s the cool thing about Laravel.

It also supports a lot of other packages that are considered to be unofficial packages. If you go to which has all the packages for Laravel only. It has 16,000 plus packages on this.

And the greatest part of using Laravel packages is that you don’t have to care about registering your package on the Laravel. Because from the version 5.5 an onwards you get this feature which is called auto package discovery. This means you just have to install the package via your computer and Laravels detects the packages automatically and then it is ready to use. To further extend this, it also allows users to disable this feature for a few specific features. This feature of automatic package discovery was not possible in the previous version.

API support:

If you want to create an API for your Laravel project, Laraval has a built-in package called a passport package to help you. And if you just want to create an API, Taylor Otwell has also thought of that. He knew what if someone only wants to create API? So he has created the micro-framework called Luman. Luman excludes the view rendering part and only used for creating the API and that’s the great part that.

Painless deployment:

Once you have created the website it is obvious that you have to deploy it on the server. And that is a painful task. This pain is resolved once again by Taylor Otwell by creating Laravel forge. You can simply log on to where you can easily create your server via Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, etc. and you don’t have to do anything. Just go there and connect with Digital Ocean and GitHub and your project are on the server. You do not need to do any configurations. Everything is set up by forge itself.

Testing tools:

Laravel is a back-end PHP framework. That means the server-side. Obviously the server-side has some front-end and PHP unit comes handy if you want to test your PHP code. Laravel Dusk is an awesome feature on the Laravel. It has VueJS or ReactJS the two top frameworks of JavaScript included inside the Laravel. It is used for testing the front-end. You don’t have to worry about how you can connect VueJS or ReactJS to the Laravel project. Suppose you have some click events on the view. When you click on a button then VueJS catch the event and do something about it. Then you can simulate that thing and test that via Laravel Dusk.

And to compile all these things we have Webpack, which is also included in Laravel as a Laravel Mix. You can write codes on the JavaScript frameworks like VueJS or ReactJS and then combine all in a single file App.JS with a single click.


The idea that the English language can be understood in every part of the world is not exactly true. Laravel provides the localization which is another cool feature of it. That means you can create a project or a website in many different languages. Most of the organizations nowadays are global by nature and want their websites for everyone around the world. If the framework is not multi-lingual, most of the population of the world will not be able to easily access your website or read its content. And this is why web developers prefer to use Laravel because it is especially good for developing websites for businesses looking to expand in various parts of the world.

Database management:

You may have worked hours, and made many changes to the database, and here comes the toughest task for developers, to keep the database in sync between development machines. Laravel made this task very easy. Using the Laravel migration feature, it becomes flawless for developers to migrate the changes in any other platform. Migration lets you define within a file how your database should look including any update you are doing on the way.

It will help you expand your database structure without recreating it every time. Especially if you are working on your own project and you are switching between the computers. All you have to do is to keep the entire database work in migration and seeds, and you can easily migrate the changes in any other development machine you want.

And this is one of the reasons which makes Laravel the best PHP framework.


Although there is no framework that is completely secure. However, it depends on the way the application is developed and its code and structure. No matter whichever the framework you are using, it must be secure. And Laravel takes care of it. It protects you in several ways. For instance, it does provide security against SQL injection by using prepared SQL statements to make injection attacks unconceivable. This is a simple way to escape user input that may come in through your forum.

In terms of password security, it uses hashes to make sure the password is never saved in the database as simple plain text. Password is always represented in the form of encryption which is done by using Bcrypt hashing algorithm

It also protects from CRF attack using CRF token. This method generates token code and checks each request on the post prior to giving access to a user to get the request. Using Laravel you are also protected from mass assignment vulnerabilities. It allows you to set which field in your table is allowed to save the mass assignment.

MVC Support:

Laravel also supports MVC (Model View Controller framework) architecture as compared to other PHP frameworks. And this is another reason Laravel is considered the best framework for developing a web application.

The general purpose of MVC is to separate functionality, logic, and interface in an application. This ensures optimum performance, better documentation, and offers multiple functionalities. It also enables clarity between the logic and presentation highly efficient. Which makes development easy and attractive.

Object-Oriented Libraries:

Another reason that makes Laravel a good choice among other PHP frameworks is its object-oriented libraries and pre-installed libraries such as advanced authentication. which are hard to find in other PHP frameworks. it is stuffed with many advanced features that are easy to implement, like checking active users, encryption, CSRF protection, password reset, and hashing algorithm, etc.

Job oriented framework:

You can build almost anything you want using the Laravel platform. And that’s why it’s so demanding. Jobs are never going to end for the Laravel. If you are searching for the job as a PHP web developer, just go to where you can find as many companies involving as a partner, providing the jobs for you. On Github trends, if you check on PHP framework the first one you will see is Laravel. This shows how much popular Laravel is in the PHP community. It’s much easier to create something as it has a great community where everyone is trying to help each other.


Laravel is a popular framework mainly because of its incredible features for developing the modern application. Laravel has a huge community of developers that actively provide extensive support.

Most developers like it for its classy appearance, elegant syntax, and improved readability which are really helpful for creating great web application projects.

If you are really looking forward to building a modern, yet secured, and scalable website for your business. You should start your web application project using the Laravel PHP framework. It is considered to be the best PHP framework in decades by web developers.

Angular or React: Which is Better?

angular vs react india

Choosing the right framework for developing web application is very critical, as there are many applications to select from. They all come with their own benefits according to the application requirement. Most developers find it better to work with JavaScript Framework like Angular or React.

But the question is which one is better? Which one should be used for an organization or which one is better in general? Unfortunately, it’s not an easy answer, because a lot of these frameworks share similar concepts that help to build scalable application possible. It really depends upon the developers to which they choose for developing different applications.

Both Angular and React are great solutions for building large scale mobile or web applications. To find out which one is better than the other, let’s discuss some of the differences between them and figure out the best solution for yourself.

Before we do that, let’s take a look at the below table for a quick side by side comparison between both.

Angular Vs. React

Comparing Angular with React is not actually a fair comparison as mentioned in the above table that Angular is a Framework and React is a Library and you cannot compare Framework with a Library. But because we have to make a choice between the two let’s see some of the key differences between them and decide which one has an advantage over others.


The main difference between the two is Type. React is just a rendering library. Which means as a UI rendering library, the job of React is to render the bunch of codes you write using its components and JSX. On the other hand, the Angular is a full-fledged Framework and provide a lot of stuff out of the box. Angular being an MVC Framework provides much more functionalities than react. It offers you strong opinion about the structure of your web application and how it should be.

By using Angular you do not need to be worried about what routing library to use. It has all that by default. All you need to do is write code. It seems like Angular has an advantage over React by providing a complete environment for development but it limits the flexibility offered to the developer by the React while developing the application. Because you have to use only what Angular provides you.


Another difference between Angular and React is the DOM. Angular uses regular DOM compared to React which has a virtual DOM. Virtual DOM works in a similar way to regular DOM. The only difference is the virtual DOM represents your actual DOM in JavaScript and most developers think it’s faster. Because JavaScript can access itself much faster than by the tree created by the HTML.

Whenever you make a change to React component, that change is first done on the virtual DOM. Then there is a difference calculated from virtual DOM to the previous state of virtual DOM and whatever the differences are only those particular areas in real DOM are updated. On the other hand to update changes in regular DOM the whole structure of the tree created by the HTML will be updated until it reaches to the very first stage.

Learning Curve:

React is easy to get started with if you have a basic knowledge of JavaScript or ES6. You can start working with React without many complexities. I have a low-level learning curve. You can just add an import to a page and start adding code. You can also drop it into existing pages or views. For instance, if you have an application with existing multiple pages, you can just drop React into it and start working on it with some of its pages. But if you are into a large project of building an application from the scratch it requires a lot of other libraries to create a good project.

As we know it’s not a framework which provides everything itself. Angular, on the other hand, has a high learning curve. Because it’s a framework its codes also feels robust and complex at a time when compared to React. You have to work with a lot of stuff and you need to know TypScript and some of the Angular features. The good side of Angular is that it uses HTML and CSS, the technology we already know and it has all the core features built into the platform. You have all these key features added to Angular to get started and building a huge application.


Data-binding is how these two applications are organized. It’s the channel how data is allowed to flow through those systems. Angular uses bi-directional data flow which means data flows in two way. For instance, if one element of user input is changed, the corresponding state of the model will also change, similarly, if there is a change in the state of the model, the user input element will also change. Thus data travels both ways. On the other side, React is uni-directional.

Which means data flows in one direction only. In React model state does not change with the change in the user input element. You will first have to change the model state, then it renders it and only then a change can occur in UI element. You must figure it out by using some libraries such as state management. It seems here the Angular is better as it provides two-way data follow, however, Angular has some issues.

When an application becomes very large when doing a lot of inputs and forms, things become increasingly difficult to digest, where all the individual values you set up need that all to be checked.

TypeScript vs JavaScript:

React uses JavaScript and is famous in the developers because many developers already know it. It’s a dynamic language and constantly evolving. Developers who are already in the market and are used with this language like to work with this. On the other hand, Angular uses TypeScript. Which is more popular among the fresh developers because from the beginning they start learning all the object-oriented programming concepts in C++ and when they come to learn the TypeScript they find it having better object-oriented programming concepts.

The advantages of JavaScript is its speed, simplicity, versatility, and browser compatibility. It does not bind developers to define variable’s type such as number, string, array, etc. despite having the complexities, typescript has its own pros. It has more defined object-oriented programming concepts like C++, it is used in popular frameworks, and it’s most consistent. And because it provides a smooth transition to client-side development, more developers are into Angular who work on the web development these days.

Angular vs React Mobile solution:

Angular and React both provide solutions for mobile applications. React JS is Facebook’s web frontend development framework and React Native is its mobile application development framework. React Native is very similar in writing mobile application to React JS. We can write mobile applications by using React Native JavaSctipt. That is why it has an advantage as most developers already know React JS and they are very comfortable working with it since it is also written in JavaScript.

On the other side, Angular also provides a mobile application solution called Ionic Framework to create hybrid mobile applications. It’s easy to set up due to its robust UI component library. However, as it uses Cordova container to develop mobile applications the resulting application will simply be a web application inside the native web view container and that’s the reason most of the users have slow experience while running the application on their devices.


As mentioned earlier in this article that Angular uses a bi-directional flow of data. It creates watcher to track the change in DOM for each binding value in HTML. After successfully completing this step the view is updated. The whole cycle not only checks for a change in the value but also check all the values tracked by the watcher. Due to this performance decreases and it lags a bit. This process becomes even complex when all the values tacked by the watcher are interdependent.

When any such value is changed, Angular starts all over again until all the watchers are checked and all the necessary changes are applied to view and model. React on the other hand does this uni-directional and does not use any watcher to track changes. When there is a change in the input field it creates a virtual DOM and compares it only with previous state model and rebuilds the virtual DOM only with the differences between the two objects. Therefore, a new change is updated in the HTML and it does this all on the server and not on the browser. Hence the load is reduced and performance is optimized.

What company uses what?

React is actually used by a lot of companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, WhatsApp, etc. it is also quite popular among the businesses as a standard defacto way to build scalable applications. Angular, on the other hand, is not used that much in the industry but still used by some of the big companies like Google cloud blog, Delta, NBA, General Motors, HBO and by other Google services.

You can see React being easy to learn, faster work, and due to its less complexity, most of the social media applications are using it where you can easily share a picture and video less than a minute in length or so.


You cannot declare any platform a clear winner, as mentioned earlier in this article it’s not fair to compare between Angular and React as these are two different applications used for developing purposes depending upon the nature and complexity of the app. And it’s clear from the above that they both have their own advantages and disadvantages the way they are used.

The question is not which one to choose or which one not, but to choose something that fits your requirement and nature of the project or getting used to yourself with what Angular or React has to offer you. If you are a fan of the TypeScript then choose Angular if not, then nothing stands in your way to write codes in JavaScript.

Unity 3D Development Benefits

unity 3d development india

A huge number of developers out there use Unity 3D for Applications and Games Development. Unity 3D is one of the best choices to go for when you are looking for Application Development as a Client or if you are thinking of getting into Application and Game Development yourself. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Unity 3D for Applications development.

Getting Started with Unity 3D is Free:

Unity 3D is available in 2 way. There is a Free Version and a Pro Version. But Unlike most of the software that got these options, the free version of Unity 3D is also fully featured. There are benefits to go for Pro Version after you have started working with the program. These include 3D texture support, Audio Filters, Video playback and Streaming, Custom Splash Screen, etc. But still, Unity aims to enable developers to create Games without any concerns about pricing.


One of the biggest advantages of developing your Games on Unity 3D engine is that you will be able to launch your game on multiple platforms. You can launch your game on renowned platforms like Android, IOS, Windows Phones, PCs, Macs, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. You can either launch your game on all platforms simultaneously or you can choose one platform for initial launch and then port it to other platforms.

This porting procedure required a lot of work in the past and developers were reluctant to port their games and Applications to other platforms with different architectural designs. Also when they do decide to port to different platforms then this work was often outsourced to other developers because of the time required. With the use of Unity Engine porting games to other platforms is much easier however you still have to consider the unique technological features of different platforms.

An excellent Community:

Indie Games Development feels isolated at times but with a Community of more than 2 Million Developers using the same Engine, it feels good to share what you love and what you hate about the developing platform. This also helps when you are stuck on an issue or if you are looking for a developer to help you with your next project. There are countless forums online and also Unity organizes an annual conference where you can meet other Unity3d Developers in person either in North America or in Europe.

Assets Store:

Unity Asset Store is a great place because it provides you with necessary components eliminating the need of making them from scratch like a Building or a Character etc. The Unity Store is also helpful when you are looking to make some extra money as an artist, modeler or musician. For check and balance, there is a submission process you need to go through in order to sell your stuff on the Unity Store. But once your stuff is approved you are awarded 70 percent royalty on each purchase which can be a fantastic way to fund your future projects.

Script Languages:

You can script in Unity Engine using C# and JavaScript, which are two of the best and most used programming languages around the world. Both of these are also easy to learn and easy to get started.

2D Games development support:

Unity Engine is great for 3D Animations and Games. But there is still room for 2D development as well. The Latest Version of Unity i.e. V4.3 features a Built-In 2D engine that allows developers to create 2D Games. It is capable of handling sprite animations, animation dope sheets, 2D Physics and a lot more.

Ability to Create Multiplayer Games:

Some of the most popular and biggest multiplayer games on Mobile and Web platforms are built using Unity Engine. Developing a multiplayer game is not an easy task but a huge undertaking. The tools provided by Unity engine and the support for a community it provides makes this task a lot easier.

Availability of Tutorials:

One of the best resources in terms of learning are tutorials, blogs, and How-To Articles. There are a lot of online tutorials and courses available that can teach you the basics and other tips and tricks about Unity. This helps you to get started with Unity at a very low cost and you can do this from the comfort and ease of your home. Obviously, there will be a learning curve but considering the scale of what you can do with Unity engine, all of this is worth the effort and time. Unity is so easy to learn that you do not require any prior development or coding knowledge.

Unity Conference:

Unite is the official name given to the conference that is held yearly where early adopters and developers of Unity used to meet each other and with the people at Unity. The aim of Unite was to discuss new and exciting things about Unity. Due to its massive popularity Unite is now held multiple times a year all around the world. It is one of the favorite places to be for gamers and game developers to discuss the latest technologies and advancements in the industry and in Unity Engine. Developers around the world also organize Conferences focusing on Unity and its features, to discuss the problems with each other and to learn from each other.

Easy to Use:

Unity engine is really easy to get started with and to get a hold of. You can even see the results of your work in progress using the built-in editor without having the Game or Application to complete. This is really helpful as it gives a view from the interface all the way down to the workflow and how art is imported. This is possible due to the brilliant idea of “Democratizing Game Development” by Unity.

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Top Frontend Development Frameworks in 2019

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The era we live in today is the era of mass technological leaps everywhere. With these Technological advancements, Web Developers are working even harder to bring perfection to the Websites they develop. This also provides room for more advanced and modernized front-end frameworks and with time new libraries, tools and development frameworks are being introduced.

Businesses and companies all around the world hire these web developers to design better-looking User interfaces in order to enhance efficiency, appearance and the convince of interaction with their Websites. Without an effective front-end design your website cannot work effectively so let’s take a look at some of the major and most used front-end Frameworks:


The AngularJS framework is introduced by Google and combines JavaScript with HTML and CSS. The Application to be developed is divided into two major parts, namely Business Logic and Front-End. The Development Environment used is referred to as MVVM (Model-View-View-Model). This allows developers to develop scalable applications with integration to third-party libraries as well. It is also used to create dynamic Mobile Applications with two-way data binding. The applications developed by this framework are effective in design and highly responsive.


It is the Open-Source Web Development framework and is available to use as a free product.

It has all the capabilities to create rich internet applications.

It has the ability to write applications with JavaScript as well as MVC.

It automatically handles JavaScript Code for different Browsers.

It supports HTML code extension for Web Applications.


ReactJS is the most popular Web Development framework out there when it comes to creating Feature-Rich Websites and User Interfaces. ReactJS is managed by a huge community of developers. These Developers are expert and can provide perfection in terms of Speed, Neatness, and Scalability. According to recent trends on Google, ReactJS still remains a strong development tool due to its extra flexibility in creating Machine-Readable Codes. This Framework allows you to accumulate different components into a single verifiable File and this is the best feature of JSX as it allows developers to develop User Interface in Real-Time. Hence this framework can be said to be the leading Platform on the internet due to its rich features and result oriented Performance.


It is an Open-source Platform.

It is a Component-Based Platform.

It is based on Learn-Once Write-Anywhere mechanism.

It is Most Suitable for Large Data-Driven Web Applications.


Backbone or Backbone.JS is one of the Earlier JS based frameworks and it is based on an MVP (Model-View-Presenter) Framework Design. It consists of a RESTful JSON Interface and is leading the Web developing Industry for a number of years since its inception. A huge number of Developers love and use this platform for developing Web-based Applications and it provides a rendering model for Web Applications that are based on Key-Value Binding and Custom Events.


A simple Library to Separate Business Library and User Interface.

It produces a neat and organized code for the smooth working of websites.

It creates One-Page Applications.

It is efficient in creating Web-Based Applications as well as mobile Based Applications.

It is Efficient in handling data both from the server and from servers.


It is a JavaScript-Based Library that is capable of creating Web User Interfaces and also allows Integration with other tools to create some great looking websites. Vue.JS was introduced in 2003 and since then it has shown some great improvements year after year. It is a user-friendly and lightweight framework that combines the best features of React & Angular in the best possible package.


A powerful platform to develop Highly Advanced Web User Interfaces.

Its features an adaptable Architecture for Web-based Developments.

It features Declarative Components and Debugging is easy.

It Allows Developers to write codes with minimum room for errors.


This is an amazing Open-Source Web Development Framework that requires fewer coding because it automatically updates the underlying code according to changes made. It is based on MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) Pattern which allows Developers to create astonishing and Scalable Single Page Web-based Applications. This framework has the capability to integrate a lot of Modern JS Technologies and Concepts into a single bunch of APIs. It helps in developing Web Applications as well as User-Friendly Mobile and Desktop Applications. The performance of Complex User Interfaces is further improved by the use of Two-Way Data Binding Feature.


It has a large number of features based on the principle of “Convention over Configuration”

It features a Beautiful User Interface and Rich amount of option for templates.

It is a Stable Platform.


The NPM or Node Package Manager for JavaScript helps developers to search packages of reusable code and arranges them in easy and rigid ways. This tool is also a type of Command-Line Utility that allows interaction with a repository that aids in the development process when using a package.


Get to Work with more than 470,000 Free Code Packages included with the registry and the ability to reuse them.

It has the ability to Publish and Control access to the namespace.

The same Workflow can be used to manage Private and Public code.

With the pace of Advancements in Web Development in India, the frameworks used in Web development are evolving constantly trying to provide the users of the Websites with the best possible and highly Featured User Interfaces. We have tried to put together a list of Best Frontend developing frameworks and we hope that this will save you time and effort.

How Proof-of-Concept (POC) App Development Helps in Building Error-free Software Products

poc development company india

The proof-of-concept (POC) is the method or approach to testing a certain idea or concept for its feasibility, viability, and applicability in reality. It helps in understanding whether a certain software product or idea is appropriate for providing a solution to a particular business problem. Usually, a proof-of-concept is either small or may be incomplete. History suggests that the term or phenomena had been in use since the early ’60s.

Proof-of-concept helps in obtaining candid feedback in the early stages of the software development life cycle. POC helps in avoiding unnecessary risk by foreseeing the technical problems related to technology or software product development methodology opted by the team, company or organization.

POC is one of the key steps in the development of critical and complex software. It provides us with precise and accurate probability to foresee the value of the project even before the development begins. This activity usually takes time ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks as well. It portrays a clear image of the near future by suggesting how this project or its subsequent functions will work.

POC is very helpful in agile development environments where the product is released in chunks and it is highly recommended to test the solution prior to start implementing and check whether the solution suggested by the team is feasible and has the potential to solve the business problem or not. POC will improve the outcome of the software development companies which follows agile development methodologies.

The proof-of-concept is generally used in the early stages of the software development life cycle. It also helps in strengthening the idea which you are willing to sell. Few of the software development life cycle stages where POC is applicable and helps in developing error-free software are:

Validation of technical feasibility

Identification of potential risks.

Scope visualization.

Necessary alterations required to complete a project.

These are few of the early concepts of the software development life cycle where Proof-of-concept can be used. The two notable advantages which you can obtain using POC are:

You can get proof that the idea you are going to implement is really worth making effort to implement it and investing your capital for its realization.

Early proofs can suggest you not to approve the budget for the idea which is not feasible for the market; hence saving your money.

As we know that software project management revolves around 3 major constraints namely which are:




POC can help a software project manager to make optimal use of his resources which are previously mentioned.

Usually, you only need a POC when you or your developer are not sure whether the technical result you want is achievable, this might be because you are trying to do something completely original and new or it might be because you’re trying to create a streamlined cheaper version of something done elsewhere with more investment. Whatever the reason for your doubt the proof-of-concept will lay it to rest one way or another either it will become clear that your product is viable or it will be time to go back to the drawing board.

There are plenty of marginal cases though where the client has wanted to create an original twist on an otherwise proven feature or even achieve something completely new, in these more rare scenarios where there’s uncertainty about how or whether the idea will work we might well need to invest some time and human resource into doing this sort of research before being able to give an accurate estimate for the project as a whole. If your developer advises that a proof concept will be needed before going further with the project estimate this is a great sign that your project is breaking new ground how long it will take and how much your cost will depend on the idea you’ve come up with. But, however much it is it’s far more cost-effective to make a prototype than to dive straight into development and only then find out that the idea is not possible or much more complicated than anticipated.

Various proof-of-concept strategies are being followed in the software industry each with their respective benefits, the essence of these strategies can be restated in these points as:

By applying proof-of-concept strategies you can avoid to spend a lot of money on the projects, ideas which are not viable in the market.

Also, you can counter argument in a stakeholders meeting that your point or idea was worthwhile which would be difficult otherwise if you don’t have proof to defend your argument.

To obtain proof-of-concept in software development is not an easy task, it requires one to be highly skilled in his domain of expertise (like e-Commerce, education or finance etc.) if you think your idea requires to be cross-checked first for it feasibility or viability to survive in the market and for this purpose proof-of-concept activity is to be used when you must opt for highly skilled software development team to get the best results. Make sure that you don’t always base your decisions on money.

Here I will conclude my article by writing in favor of POC that they play a vital role in the successful software product development. It is highly recommended to use POC in early stages of software development lifecycle to avoid inevitable errors in the future which may harm your product’s success or make your investment useless costing you a significant amount of bucks and leaving your dishearten or mentally disturb.

Why Django, Python Web Development Framework is Ideal Choice

python django development india

We all know that Python is one of the most widely used programming languages today. For many years it has held the top position as the Most Popular Coding Language in the World. Python delivers superb performance when it comes to Efficiency and Readability when compared to other programming languages like Java, C++, and PHP. That is why it is the favorite Programming Language among developers and programmers.

People or programmers who switched to Python from Java, C or Perl had no issues in getting a hold of it. The learning curve for them is nonexistent but this convenience of switching and learning also makes people to not consider Python as a necessary Programming Skill. However, this is totally wrong. Whether you are starting a new company, or you are trying to secure a job, Python related skills can push you to great heights.

Django is the development framework which has been programmed using python and contains a variety of astounding developer-friendly features. Django web development has become quite famous among developers of this era due to the amazing features offered by this framework.

The advantages of Django web development framework, which is based on python are listed below:

1.    Python is Easy:

If you ask programmers about the easiest language that they came across, the answers would be Python by most of them. This is true because python is designed for newbies. It reads and is written like kindergarten math and is understandable by any person who doesn’t have any background in programming languages or coding.

Python uses a lot of Whitespace and Common Expressions, this simplifies programming and coding to a great deal as compared to other programming languages like Java or C++. On the other hand, if you are good with python, then go even further by picking up as many libraries as you can and learn Django in order to make yourself more marketable.

2.    Python enables you to build more functions using fewer lines of Code:

Python is quick to learn. With a little bit of learning and practice you can get up to speed in like 2 days only and this is for a person who has absolutely no programming language knowledge. The Readability and efficiency of Python Programming Language also make it Novice Friendly. Suppose you need to write a program to print “Hello World” this will require a lot of overheads in Java but in Python, it is as simple as (Print “Hello, World!”). So this simplicity is the major component that enables Users to do more with fewer lines of Code.

3.    Python can be the stepping stone for learning other Languages:

Python development can serve to be the stepping-stone for developers who are new to the world of programming because Object-Oriented Principles of Python are compatible with many other languages like Ruby, Perl, C, and JavaScript. Hence as a result, once you have mastered concepts and principles of Python, many other languages based on the same principles will automatically come to you, hence enabling you to focus on the Syntax of these Languages.

4.    Messing Up is Hard in Python:

The amazing Beauty of Python apart from Simplicity is the golden rules the language is built on. These Rules Include:

•    Less is more

•    Readability is Important

•    Clarity is better than implied

•    The complex is fine, but not complicated

These rules or tenets are known as “The Zen of Python” and were written by Tim Peters and are inspired by Van Rossum (Python’s Benevolent Dictator for Life).

5.    Building Prototypes is best with Python:

Building Prototypes and Ideas is quick and easy with Python because it lets you achieve more with lesser codes. In the World of Web Development, Ideation is something that is often overlooked. Coming up with feasible Prototypes at a much faster rate can help you to save time, money and to keep your Customers Satisfied.

6.    Python and Django are Huge at Fintech:

Fintech Revolution has led to a widespread explosion of new companies. These companies got the innovation of Silicon Valley and the Funding Machinery from Wall Street. In simple words, it is a new sector that combines technology with Money and this Fintech Industry is the biggest contributor towards the increase of demand for python programmers. Python beats PHP, C++, IOS, and others according to a survey on the most popular languages of 2016, as it is the fastest growing language in Fintech.

7.    The flexibility of Python is great:

There are a number of Python implementations and integrations with other programming languages available. Some Examples are:

•    JPython, A version of Python with Java Language.

•    CPython, the integrated version with C.

•    IronPython, Designed to be compatible with .NET and C#.

•    RubyPython, Python combined with Ruby.

•    PyObjc, Objective-C Toolkits written into Python.

This enables you to use Python easily in changing and different Scenarios.

8.    Tons of Resources Available:

With Python Language in your arsenal, you can’t get stuck in rut because of the huge number of resources available that are constantly updated as well. So many Programs are written in Python due to being equipped with an extensive library of built-in functions. It also has a built-in Unittest Framework in order to test and ensure that code works as intended.

9.    Django is Amazing (A high-level Python Web Framework):

Django is the most popular and amazing Web framework for Python. Pyramid and Flask are also Popular Frameworks. Python Web Frameworks also include Grok, Zope2, Web2py and Turbo Gears. But perhaps the ability to use and work with Django is the biggest advantage of learning Python. With Django Framework you can model your Domain and Code Classes. You already get an ORM so you can focus all your efforts on User Interface.

10.    In the Era of IOT (Internet of Things), Python is a hot Commodity:

The rise of IoT app development (Internet of Things) has introduced countless opportunities for Python Programmers. Credit-Card Sized Computers and platforms like Raspberry Pi, allow developers to build innovative and exciting devices like phones, Radios, Cameras, and even Video Games.

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